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I know you will love the things I share in this recording of my interview for the Living Your Vibrant Life Telesummit including the truly life changing “Stepping into Your True Magnificence” meditation exercise, along with many insights and TONS of inspiration for living Your Vibrant Life that I shared.

I really enjoy being interviewed for telesummits, webinars, and radio. Much like working with private clients or speaking from a stage with a live audience, there is a “connection” that occurs which allows me to just “get out of the way” and let the information flow through me that is exactly what the individual or particular audience needs to hear in the moment.

In this telesummit interview, Tandy Elisala and I discuss some powerful conscious manifestation techniques. I also share insights about ways to turbo boost your meditation practice. I discuss the 4 states of being you want to achieve and the 5 practices I recommend everyone utilize to grow personally and accelerate their spiritual journey.

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To learn more about meditation, get my bestselling book: Peering Through the Veil at Amazon. And visit this link to enjoy the deep theta brainwave guided meditations I’ve developed for my Magnificent U Meditation Program.

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  1. Beverley Golden
    Beverley Golden says:

    With all the current research indicating the powerful benefits of meditation, it seems your message in this broadcast truly offers support for those who haven’t quite got their meditation practice down yet. For me, I find walking and gardening to be very meditative and reading recently that meditation helps to balance cortisol levels, was even more confirmation of how important it is for all of us to find a practice that works for us. We do live in a very high stress environment in North America and having tools, like meditation, to manage stress offers a way to work towards balance regardless of the circumstances outside of ourselves. Thanks for sharing yourself and your work, Takara.

    • Takara
      Takara says:

      Sharing my journey of meditation, empowerment, and spiritual unfolding is definitely my life’s work. I don’t know who I would be if I had not started exploring meditation 20 years ago. Wow what a journey it has been. And now there’s a bestselling book about meditation to help, inspire, and assist others.


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