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It’s so important to create a healthy environment in which a child can thrive, be healthy, and smarter. The same is true of creating a healthy environment for yourself, your spouse and other loved ones, your co-workers, employees, and other people in your life.

I homeschooled my child all 12 years and am quite the advocate for health, safety, and education for women and children.

If you are not aware, research has now proven (and it makes logical sense) … spanking is harmful (sometimes severely) to a child’s development. You can view this article for more info. about how it negatively impacts IQ and other developmental factors.

Most people haven’t even really thought about the negative effects of spanking … they blindly do what was done to them back through antiquity. It takes a certain level of consciousness, of wisdom, and compassion to even consider questioning the norm.

Sadly, today’s education system and most religions teach people not to question anything. You are fed a bunch of “facts” and are expected to believe them as truth and regurgitate them back without question. Otherwise, you are reprimanded (in some cases beaten) or you get a bad grade. Either way, thinking for yourself, asking questions, questioning the logic and truth about the “facts” is considered blasphemy.

Based on this conditioning, most people don’t look at anything rationally. They lack the skills for critical thinking. Some of us have, thankfully, broken free and can think for ourselves. Having a degree in some form of science is very helpful. Experiencing a spiritual awakening and/or being a long-term meditator helps a person see everything from a new, wiser, higher, deeper perspective. What is obvious to those of us who are critical thinkers, is not even noticed or questioned by the masses.

To those people who have attained a certain level of consciousness as well as have empathy and compassion, it’s really obvious that to raise a healthy, happy, child with everything they need to be successful in the world (as they define success of course – not our definition as the parent), children (and adults) need to feel safe and to know that they are loved, honored, accepted, appreciated, and acknowledged for who they are as an individual. Quite a tall task … but definitely worth it.

One of the things I often discuss in my teachings is creating the “right” environment.

In the “right” environment, a person thrives. In the “wrong” environment, they can easily develop self-doubt, fear, depression, illness, etc. etc. A child needs to be planted (born into) and nurtured in the right environment.

Create the Right Environment for Children to Thrive

When someone is being constantly criticized, belittled, put down, made wrong … particularly with that being reinforced by the physical abuse of spanking or domestic violence … that is the extreme opposite of the “right” environment.

I believe in being the best you can be at everything you decide to do. Parenting is no exception to that.

Being a good parent doesn’t just mean doing whatever you learned from your own parents. And, as I’ve said before, this doesn’t just apply to parent-child relationships. This applies to all relationships.

It means realizing that each child is unique and the way to create the “right” environment may be different for each child. Some children (and employees) need to be allowed to do things their way. Give them the end goal and a tiny bit of instruction (and supervisory safety oversight depending on their age and experience with whatever they are doing) and some kids will be off creating, figuring things out, etc. etc. Others want (and need) clear step by step instruction and direction. I believe that has to do with where they fall in the D.I.S.C. scale. Some people see the big picture. Others all the minute details. Some are spontaneous. Others need a plan. Some are introverted. Others are extroverted. Some love to be very very social. Others need their alone time to think, inner reflect, imagine.

Not getting what they need actually causes them stress. For some, the stress can be quite severe.

Realizing that everyone isn’t just like you are and may have completely different needs than you do is the first step in being a great parent, a great partner, a great leader or boss.

To raise healthy happy children and/or to be a better boss, spouse, friend, my greatest advice is to become what I call the Noble C’s: calm, clear, confident, and Divinely connected. When you operate from that “place,” the insights and inspirations you receive directly, intuitively, guide you in ways that are remarkable. And they help you become a better parent, nudge you with things to show your children, say to your employee or spouse, do as you go about your day. Instead of guessing about the right course of action in each moment, you simply know. With that knowing comes much more ease, grace, and flow to everything.

Many blessings to healthy, happy families,

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My latest ecourse to help you achieve those Noble C’s is now available. It’s called the Dancing Dolphin Way. Going through the teaching and the transformational meditational exercises helps you move beyond the past, heal the inner wounding that causes you to behave irrationally and immaturely in relationships, to jump to conclusions about why people say and do things and what those words and actions mean, to be more concerned with self and less conscientious than you could (or probably should) be about how your words and actions negatively impact others. There are so many ways in which becoming whole and healed improve your life. Being a better parent is just one.

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