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Without opening your eyes, I ask you to embrace the light flickering on the table in front of you, sensing deep within yourself the myriad of colours the lights project, bathing yourself in Light, feeling that Light deep within your Heart, uplifting every aspect of your Being, feeling the denseness melting away, as the Light of Higher Dimensional frequencies radiate through you, reaching deep inside and finding the magnet of the Light at the centre of your Being.

For you are a magnet for all Light, a storage unit for all Light, a receiver and a transmitter of all Light, and as you embrace and radiate that Light, the denseness, the heaviness of your Being is melted away, and you feel yourself becoming ONE with your Higher Self, embracing your ‘Soul knowing’, embracing the highest frequencies of Divine Love.

The more Light you attract into yourself, the more Light you radiate forth. The more Light you radiate forth, the more you change your environment. As you change your environment by enlightening your environment, you begin to create the New Earth of Divine Light and Divine Love.

Greetings Dear Hearts, I am The Merlin. I am delighted and excited to be sharing with you at this time the monumental change that is taking place upon the Earth Planet.

I refer to you as ‘Dear Hearts’ because now we speak only to your Heart, for your Heart understands what your mind cannot comprehend. Allow all words, all images, all visions to move through your Hearts.

When we speak to you of change, we do not speak of a single event. We speak of a gradual process of evolvement, a movement into the higher forms of Light and the deepest most radiant forms of Love.

Because it is an evolvement, Dear Hearts, it is not an instant change. There will be times during this, and future years, when you will be moving in and out of new realities and old realities.

Change is subtle but powerful, and we have sought in recent messages, to address some of those changes – changes in perspective and perception, changes in attitude, all of which grow and begin to create the changes that will become perceptible to most upon the Earth Planet.

One of the major changes, Dear Hearts, is the movement from your mind into your Heart as your guidance system for the remainder of your time in your physical vessel, and you will find that many things occur in your lives that do not make sense to you, and your mind will continue to say “why?, or what does this mean?” and I ask you, Dear Hearts, to bring that down into your Heart.

It is not necessary for your mind to understand. Everything that is brought to you at this time in your lives is part of your journey of Ascension, and once you know this and accept this, you lose the need to understand and give meaning to what is occurring.

Treat them, Dear Hearts, as miracles within your lives. Do not try to judge them on the basis of what has been in the past, for these are all a part of your coming together into oneness, for that is another aspect of the change – the movement from Duality into Oneness, the movement from Separateness into Unity.

You are bringing together your multi dimensional selves into oneness. You are beginning to embrace your soul families once again, and although your mind may not understand how this will operate, accept it, allow yourself to flow joyfully with what will be occurring in your lives.

Do not hold onto fear. Do not hold onto pain – embrace the Light within your Hearts, and see all that occurs within your life as a part of the joyfulness of your existence.

Many of you will know through your mythology that the Merlin is an arbiter of change, a practitioner of magic, but the magic is within each and every one of you, Dear Hearts. It begins with the Enlightenment within your Heart, and it manifests in changes in your path – changes you may not have foreseen, but changes I invite you to embrace with great Love, with great Joy, for there is no going back to the old ways. Look always forward through your Heart.

We have given you this message many times in this linear year. Look at your life through your Hearts. Do that now.

Embrace the Light within your Heart,

Radiate that Light, that you may co-create the path ahead of you.

I can assure you, Dear Hearts, the journey will be worthwhile, for the time of separateness is past, and we of other Dimensions reach out to embrace you, and we say “WELCOME HOME TO YOUR ONENESS”.

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”



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