I really love pendulums and dowsing. The things I’m able to figure out, in almost no time at all, amazes me continuously.

Last week right after dinner, both my upper and lower abdomen began hurting intensely. That is a very unusual experience for me. Pain and I don’t dance very often. But I remembered feeling somewhat uncomfortable a few days before that right after a meal.

Now what?

Freak out and rush to the doctor and go through a battery of tests? Schedule an appointment with someone who can determine if I have a food allergy? What other choices might there be?

My choice was to take some acidophilus and get out my pendulum.

My first question was “Is my system being upset by a particular food?”

I got a “yes.”

How I love pendulums and dowsing

So then I went through the list of what I had to eat and drink during dinner asking “Is it this one?” I got a yes on tomatoes.

Wow, I had eaten tomatoes on my veggie burger and also had tomatoes two days prior with some other meal. I hardly ever eat them. Isn’t it interesting that my mom can’t eat tomatoes either?

It took me less than 5 minutes and cost me absolutely nothing.

Of course, I could take it much further using pendulums to determine what I need to do to heal the upset and to heal my system reacting to tomatoes.

If you don’t already dowse or know how to muscle test (use applied kinesiology), then your logic and what you can learn from reading and what your friends and others have to say about a particular health product is all you have to go by. Dowsing and applied kinesiology let your body tell you what you need. It saves tons of time and money in your pursuit of good health. Of course, it is NOT intended to replace professional healthcare.

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