Open Your Hearts and Allow the Earth to Sing Its New Song for You

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The Circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the Tingsha bells.

We sound each bowl and the Tingsha bell three times to call into the Circle this evening the power of the Trinity, for the Trinity is the base working vibration throughout the Cosmos.  It is the beginning of all creations.  Feel the vibration of the Trinity of Sound as it calls to every part of you, as it uplifts the very essence of your Being into the higher spiritual frequencies that will begin the Ascension process of the Earth, and all upon and within the Earth.

From the beginning of time the Trinity energy has played a powerful role in manifesting and creating upon the Earth.  It has become the symbol of many of your religious beliefs – the Trinity – the Trinity coming into Oneness to create the new.

Greetings Dear Hearts, I am Spirit – Spirit of Crystals and Gemstones.  I come to you at this time to thank you for the energies, for the Love, and for the commitment that all of you have shown through eons of time, in bringing this beloved Planet to the point of no return, to the upliftment of the Earth Planet itself into Cosmic Stardom. 

You have come together on many occasions, and called into being the energies of Love, the energies of Harmony, the energies of Peace, the energies of Joy, and each of these energies has been accepted into the framework of the Earth Planet, through my children the Crystals. 

As you look forward to the time that has been spoken of as the “Great Shift”, you will continue, no doubt, to look for the gateways of Cosmic energy flowing into the Earth, but Dear Ones, you have already called that energy into the Earth, and the Earth has already embraced it !.

It is time now to connect your Hearts with the Heart of the Earth, for it is the Earth itself which will create the energy necessary for the Ascension to take place !.  The crystalline structure of the Earth Planet has been empowered by the Love that you have called into being, each and every one of you, and as you are well aware, Crystals embrace energy, and Crystals radiate forth energy, amplifying that which it receives, into that which it gives. 

So each time you have called Love into the Earth and placed it within the embrace of the Crystalline structure, you have built the Earth Planet to its point of no return.  Yes, the Earth will tremble to some degree, you may not notice it through your dense physical vehicles, but it will change its frequency as it moves into its higher vibration and the Crystals, my beloved children, will be the active part of this process.

Your connection with the Crystalline structure of the Earth is through the Crystalline structure of your own physical vessels, and this too has been imbued with the energies of Love, and your physical vehicle – and the physical vessel that is the Earth – will resonate with the new frequency, the new Sound Vibrations.

Again Dear Hearts on many occasions you have come together and called greater Sound Frequencies into the Earth, allowing YOUR physical vessels to absorb the energies coming from the Cosmos, and to transmute these energies into Love and place it within the Earth, for you have all been part of the Oneness, and you will continue to be a part of the Oneness.

This particular Circle has worked with the Ocean Consciousness, and with the Song Lines of the Earth, and as the time approaches of the great shift, I ask you to continue to focus on the Song Lines and the Ocean Consciousness, the Earth itself.  There will be others who will work with the Cosmic energies flowing into the Earth at this time, for they have different roles to play.

But each one of you here tonight, and many of you listening to this message, or reading this message will know within your Hearts that you are a part of Mother Earth, and your Hearts will connect and resonate with the Sound of the Earth, a Sound which is in the process of changing as the resonance of the Song Lines increases  – and the Crystals begin to sing !.

You will feel it within your Hearts, you will hear it within your Souls, and you will become ONE with the New Earth Sound Frequencies, and the oceans of the Earth will carry that sound, and amplify that sound, and the Earth will be stabilized in its new Ascension frequency.

Can you feel the excitement that is mounting within the Earth, mounting within the Crystal structure of the Earth, and mounting within the Oceans of the Earth Planet?  Open your Hearts and allow the Earth to Sing its New Song for you – and with you – as you step forward on the next part of your journeys.

I thank you all for having embraced my presence for so long.  We will continue to play together, to work together and to sing together as we all move as ONE into the New Earth Frequencies.

I bless and embrace each one of you.

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”

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