Judgment vs Discernment, Good and Bad People … Do They Exist?

Judgment vs Discernment, Good and Bad People … Do They Exist?

Someone asked me a philosophical question related to one of the philosophies of Taoism (there is no right and wrong, good and bad, everything just “is.”) … and if we are all simply expressions of one Divine Source, can there really be good and bad people.

Oh, the insight that question brought forth … EnJOY!

As Taoism was one of the first things I was spiritually guided to study, I have worked with the philosophy and a version of modern-day Taoism taught by my metaphysical mentor, Stuart Wilde, for many many years.

I do believe that ultimately we are all connected, individualized magnificent creative expressions of one Source.

On the flip side of that, one of the teachings I am here to share is what I call the Platinum Principle: “everything is energy … some energy is beneficial, some energy is detrimental, and that is truly all you need to know.”

Learning to apply that concept in daily life is a lifelong quest (probably not the best word) … but you get the idea.

There are people, situations, energies (both seen and unseen) that assist us in being more:

  1. balanced,
  2. at peace,
  3. clear in thought,
  4. higher in vibration,
  5. making a bigger positive impact in the world,
  6. fine-tuned in our intuition,
  7. in flow with the Divine (receiving wisdom, faster desired manifestation, and
  8. synchronicity.

And there are those with the opposite effect.

People, and organizations, can do horrible things. And the things they do can have huge negative impact. They can spread lies about themselves or others. They can manipulate people into believing things that aren’t true. They can be physically, sexually and/or emotionally abusive. They can cause great harm … that can last a few moment or an entire lifetime.

People can definitely do evil and bad things.

Does that make them, to the core of their being, bad or evil?

When do we make that decision? Do we make it when 50% or more of what they do is self serving with ill intent? Or is there a different criteria we should use in deciding?

And what about those with certain psychopathy? Perhaps they don’t even realize the level of harm they are doing. Does that make them evil?

A More Esoteric Perspective on Such Things

You either believe there is a spark of divinity in every one or you do not.

You either believe that the Divine loves everyone equally or you do not.

We can discern the overall character of a person, if they are beneficial or detrimental to be around, listen to, work with, etc. Their actions and how they treat people and/or animals acts as a screaming neon sign letting us know who they are (at least right now).

I believe that deciding the true heart of a person is better left to the Divine … and is really not my job to ascertain.

I believe it is our responsibility to pay attention to the benefit or detriment of what we expose ourselves to. And that includes people, organizations, information, and situations.

I believe we should be making conscious choices, going towards the beneficial and avoiding or limiting the detrimental, whenever possible.

When something or someone triggers us – throwing us into chaos, confusion and/or self-doubt, feeling “off,” energetically depleted, or “wrong,” it is a beautiful moment where we get to see some of the subconscious things we still have left to address through inner healing.

It is also an opportunity to inner reflect on whether the person or situation is something to avoid or limit in the future as it is detrimental to us.

The Emotion of Judgment vs Discernment

There is a difference between judgment and discernment.

When you are being judgmental, you will also be upset emotionally. Judgment triggers anger, sadness, or upset of some other kind.

Discernment is completely neutral. And it allows a person to make positive decisions for themselves, set clear boundaries, treat themselves like the spark of Divinity that they are.

All day every day I stay “tuning in” to how things feel (discerning how beneficial or detrimental something is for me).

Because I’ve discerned what is beneficial or detrimental for me physically, mentally/emotionally, spiritually/energetically, I know how to better take care of myself.

Based on this discernment, I avoid horror films, psychological thrillers, and the nightly news. I rarely eat sugar. I avoid people who are always angry, judgmental, narcissistic, manipulate others psychologically and/or energetically, or have strange energy.

How about you?

Do you “tune in” and when something doesn’t feel quite right, do you honor that?

Do you take action based on that insight?

Do you immediately back away, walk away, end the phone call (gracefully), etc.?

Knowing something isn’t in your highest and best interest isn’t enough.

You have to take actions that propel you and your life toward your greatest potential. Being able to discern beneficial things that will help you experience:

  • greater peace
  • more confidence
  • increased joy
  • better health

is vital to growing personally and spiritually.

Paying attention and taking action is very important.

Much of my work helps people develop this ability to discern, practically instantly, which energies, people, situations, etc. are beneficial for them and which are not.

As I like to say ….


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