Healers, Channels, and Psychics Oh My!
One of my friends & students recently asked a question related to something she was dowsing about. It was a fairly serious health issue. The first thing I said was, “you haven’t taken my dowsing class have you?”
And she hadn’t. I haven’t taught a dowsing class in awhile … since before she began taking classes.
Why did I mention the class?
Because the cardinal rule in dowsing is to never dowse if you have a vested interest in the outcome. If you are upset, afraid, concerned, worried, or really really want the answer to be a certain thing … then you can influence the answer. So with things like your own health  or “does he love me”  or when you are really freaked out over something financial … better to put the pendulum down.
Even if you feel calm or “neutral” in your emotional body, it doesn’t mean the subconscious mind isn’t freaking out about … a potential surgery, what that might cost, how it will negatively impact your ability to work, or for relationships the fear of being alone or feeling rejected, the fear of loss, etc. etc. The inner child is a volatile creature and is often EASILY upset. There are ways to go beyond all that … but it takes years of discipline and intense training.
I’ve been part of the energy healing/New Age world since 1993. That’s a freaking long time. And some of the things I’ve observed have been downright scary. Something I sometimes say about newbies offering healing sessions is: “it’s like children with hand grenades.” They have no bloody idea what they are doing. Their energy is so what I call “grungy” (because they haven’t done much work on their own healing, clearing, untangling from the web that is mass consciousness and their own upbringing) that they aren’t bringing through “clear” energy or information. It’s all skewed, tainted and sometimes downright icky, sticky. Ick!
The more you heal, grow, expand in consciousness and awareness, detach from mass consciousness, undergo initiations and energetic upgrades, the higher you rise vibrationally, the more fine-tuned and highly-refined your inner knowing (intuition) becomes and the easier it is to immediately know who is clear and who isn’t. I can tune in to a person, or even a whole healing system, and know instantly if it is right or wrong for me. I avoid a whole lot of things that others clamor on about. And so do others that are what I call “true” healers … born with a gift that they have actively fine-tuned over many years.
I see so many people giving psychic readings or offering energy healing of one kind or another who have done almost no work on themselves. This often even applies to those who have been at it a really long time. Their personal life is a mess. Their emotions are all over the place .. and yet they are trying (or pretending) to hold a clear sacred space for others. Yeah, it just doesn’t work that way.
If you want to heal an emotional issue, then seek assistance from someone who has healed serious emotional issues and is now serene, happy, and their life works.
If you want to heal something physical or improve your health, then seek assistance from someone who exhibits excellent health and leads a healthy lifestyle.
If you want a “reading” of some kind so you can receive insight from higher wisdom, then make sure the person you choose is truly “tuned in” (to the right wisdom channel) and clear … what I call “squeaky clean pristine.” There are a few truly wise people walking around in the world. If you feel uplifted in someone’s presence, that is often a good sign.
And if you are a healing facilitator or “reader” of one kind or another, PLEASE never offer sessions or give readings if you are not completely and totally in that “Noble C State” I talk so much about – calm, clear, confident, and Divinely connected. It takes a ton of work to do that well and even after healing many things and meditating daily for years, you still have to actively watch your emotions, your actions, and your thoughts all the time. This type of work requires a great deal of discipline. But you owe it to yourself and your clients to make that level of commitment.
I’m currently working on a new book collaboration for healers, channels, and others who work with energy and information to help them achieve their highest potential in those areas. My co-author is my dear friend and often mentor, Millie Stephanie. She has been an extraordinary healer for many many years and ran a group in California for over 30. Every day she diligently works to get even better as a person, as a healer, as a clear channel. She is as tenacious in that way as I am. We’ve been discussing issues like this and ways to remedy them for 15+ years. And now we will be sharing that wisdom with you.
Can’t wait!
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