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Greetings Dear Friends

Our Spirit friends have been telling us that from time to time this year they will be lifting ‘Pearls of wisdom from the past’ to our awareness, that we may look at them again through our awakened eyes. On Monday evening the Pearl of Wisdom was a total meditation gifted to me and through me back in 1992 by Beloved Germain.  I offer this Meditation to you below for your discernment. Please feel free to work with it or share it as you desire.





Greetings Beloved Ones

Change is always a time of much turbulence, a time when emotional clouds all too often conceal the true worth and value of the new, and as yet unseen, road ahead.  Some change is of your own volition, and some a reaction to moves that others make, each has its own blessings and its own problems.  The only constant is change itself, and no one can remain aloof from it unless they have determined to turn aside from their journey of growth.

Allow yourselves the emotions of the moment, but do not grip them so tight that you prevent the flow of the life essence within them, for the emotions themselves have a vital role to play in the growth process, as they allow you to see yourself in new and different ways.

It is important to realise, however, that changes currently in evidence are not solely of an individual nature, but changes to the fabric of the Earth reality itself.  This will become clear as the emotions are worked through.  Have faith in yourselves and the vision of Light that brings you together at this time, as both have a role to play in the tomorrows for each of you.

Now, however, we have much to do together, for the many Dimensions cry out for the healing energies of LOVE and LIGHT, and what we create in one Dimension flows through to all the others.   Blessings be upon all Light bearers.

I ask you to focus on the four crystals that lie before you, draw each in turn into your aura and into your physical being.  The CLEAR QUARTZ for clarity of vision,  the AMETHYST for balance of the energies, the ROSE QUARTZ for the empowerment of the Love essence and the CELESTITE for the unification of all the crystal vibrations.  Feel yourself begin to pulse and vibrate with the crystal energy.  Allow that feeling to grow and expand until the whole room is alive with the spark of your Loving Light.  Ask for that energy to flow to all parts of the world, to touch and empower all other Light workers within your human Dimension and within all other Dimensions.  Your Loving Light will become a part of each and every one of those Light workers, and through them become a part of their Planetary healing also.  So the circle grows.  So the Mantle of healing is strengthened and expanded ever wider.

Now, bring your attention back into the centre of the room.  See in your mind’s eye the healing table that has been placed there.  Upon the table you see a person resting and relaxing, and you know that they are awaiting your healing touch.  Imagine that you are approaching them, joining your aura with theirs and preparing to share with them the most powerful healing that has ever flowed from you.  Open yourself to the infinite power of Cosmic energies, call upon your guides, call upon the healing energies of all your own multi Dimensional aspects, call upon the Loving, healing energies of Light Beings of all Dimensions.

Each of you will find a modality appropriate to the healing you need to perform, for each of you will be working on a different person with different healing needs.  Focus on those needs. Embrace them and caress them with all the Love you can create.  Leave no part of the person untouched by your Love and Light, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and most importantly, the Soul.  Feel the energy pulsing through your hands and through your Heart, let it flow unfettered into the person on the table. Bathe them with the Rainbows of Light that form the divinity within each one of you.  Love them unconditionally. Now begin your Healing.

Now, disconnect your aura from that of the person on the table and return to your original position. The healing table and the energy body relaxing upon it fades from sight.  Have you enjoyed the healing you have just shared ?. Too often you give Love and healing to others and ignore your own need of that same Loving , healing energy.  Tonight, however, you have given yourself the benefit of that beautiful Loving healing energy, for the person on the table was YOU.  It is important from time to time that you give YOURSELF Love, give YOURSELF healing, give YOURSELF recognition of your true worth, and I ask you to make this a regular part of your healing regimen.

The healing of the Planet begins within each one of you, nurture the seeds of your own Divinity, for you can only give that which is within yourself.  Let that be LOVE and LIGHT of infinite power.  Blessings be.

I embrace you with the Rainbow of my Love.

I am the GERMAIN, the I AM THAT I AM

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”

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