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The Circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and chimes.

Feel the vibration of the bowls resonating deep within every atom of your Being. Feel the sound vibrations activating the deep Light and Love within your Hearts, allowing them to fill every aspect of your Being with Divine Light and unconditional Love. Feel yourself vibrating with a higher frequency of unconditional Love.

Greetings Dear Hearts, I am the Germain – The I am that I am. When you came into this world this time around, you probably spent a considerable time at what you perceived as “home”, surrounded by Love – unconditional Love of family, and then in time you moved away from “home” and set out on your journey of discovery, and you found that the world outside your “home” was not entirely filled with unconditional Love, and you learned many lessons, and you changed, and you adapted, and you experienced, and you grew, and it may be that from time to time you went back “home” to visit, perhaps even to stay for awhile.

Because you had changed in your perspectives and your perceptions, and indeed in your very energy signatures, “home” was no longer the same – you felt it differently, you saw it differently, and “home” itself had moved along on a new journey. Perhaps your old room had received another coat of paint, perhaps new furniture had been placed where the old and familiar used to be, and you felt somewhat disorientated, and for a brief while you probably felt maybe that this is not “home” anymore.

If you stopped looking at the differences, looking at the changes that had taken place in “home”, or in you, and allowed yourself once more to simply BE in the essence of unconditional Love, then you knew you were indeed “home” once more.

The same is happening now Dear Ones to your journey “home”. Beloved Unicorn welcomed you “home” to the Dimensional Frequency of Oneness, and when you came to this Planet at the beginning of time, that was your “home” – the Dimensional Frequency of Oneness, and you grew within the unconditional Love of that “home”, and then you left your “home” and began your journey of discovery creating the duality, and you found that all was not unconditional anymore, and you journeyed further and further from “home”.

At times you did not even remember what “home” looked like or felt like; you became embroiled in the daily sojourn into darkness and duality, and now that you have uplifted your Spirit once more to the vibrational frequency that allows you to go “home”, many of you are finding this disorientating.

You know you are “home”, but you are seeing “home” through different perspectives, different perceptions. Your own energy signature is different, and of course nothing stands still in the Universe, so the vibrational frequencies of “home” have also changed in the times that you have been away.

It is understandable Dear Hearts that for some time you may not feel entirely comfortable with being “home”. So I come to you tonight to ask you not to focus on the differences that you perceive, but to focus once more on the purity of the unconditional Love that is your “home”.

Your friends the Unicorns, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, all your Spiritual friends who exist in this Dimension are all part of “home”, and if you embrace the oneness of all that is, you will gradually let go of your perceptions of difference, and you will find yourself filled once more with the unconditional Love, the Oneness and the Unity of all that is.

Do not be discouraged, Dear Ones, if you feel a little uncertain at this time. You HAVE come home “home”, and you will once more feel the Oneness, and feel the Love. The differences you perceive will fall away and become a part of what you used to be, for you have now decided that your journey of discovery has come to an end, for what you have discovered is the Light within your heart, and it is the Light within your heart that creates the Oneness.

I repeat to you today what Unicorn said before – “WELCOME HOME”.

I embrace you with deepest love – “WELCOME HOME”.

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”



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