Reaction vs Response
I came across a beautiful image on Facebook that said “The Universe is asking … show me your new vibration. I will show you miracles.”

I help people to let go of the trauma drama from the past, their limiting beliefs, their fears, the denser things that keep them tethered firmly to a lower slower vibration and mass consciousness … and help them rise to greater heights vibrationally than they have ever known. There, in higher vibrational living is peace, joy, and freedom, the ability to consciously manifest in a much easier way, the ability to flow with life rather than against it.

No one is ever “done” being human. We all make mistakes, we all have bad days occasionally, we all sometimes overreact to people and situations. But those dedicated to their own evolution, on a conscious spiritual path, notice immediately when that is going on and we take whatever time and actions are necessary to come back into center, to balance, to peace and move forward from there.
Sometimes scrolling through Facebook, when I see hatred, injustice, prejudice, mistreatment of people, animals, or the earth, people buying into bs, I react. I’m sure you do as well. It is human nature after all. In my Facebook group “Magnificent U with Takara” I encourage everyone to notice when they are reacting and to let that go. I had to do that yesterday. I haven’t done that in quite a long time. But for whatever reason, I allowed something to get under my skin yesterday.
Whenever that happens, whenever you allow something to get to you that you know shouldn’t, I encourage you to journal about it, go deeper into the reasons behind the reaction. What is the belief, the fear, the past memory, the judgment that is going on within you to cause a reaction rather than a non-emotional thoughtful response to a situation or person. Sometimes, if whatever the reason is small and insignificant, journaling can be enough to work through the emotions and release the issue completely.

But for many other things, much deeper work is required. Just addressing something with the conscious mind, using logic, is not nearly enough to really heal it at the root cause. Some form of releasing technique is necessary. The most effective way many of us have found is some form of energy healing. My clients and I turn to Dancing Dolphin essences, oils like Release, Violet Flame, Finally Free, or the immensely powerful Priestess Fire assist in addressing things at a MUCH deeper level. It’s like working with a hands-on healer 24/7 for days on end. The results can be very powerful.

But often, for recurring patterns that show up again and again, even more is required. Sometimes, for the really deep core issues, physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual/energetic actions must be taken. And that is why

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