Triple Goddess Flower Essence by Dancing Dolphin Essences

Meeting the Goddesses and Making Goddess Flower Essences

Since I began leading The Sacred Circle and taking participants through various guided vision journeys that I channel for each class, we’ve connected with, met, been blessed and/or initiated by many different Goddesses. And my experience of each of them has become more and more profound. 
I’ve always felt energy and can tell when a Being of Light has entered a space. And each one, whether Goddess, Angel, Archangel, Faerie, Dolphin, Dolphin-angel, Ascended Master, Animal guide, or any number of Star or Planetary Beings, has a unique signature feeling or energy they emit. 
But beginning with connecting with the Great Goddess worshipped for centuries at Delphi, my experience of the Goddesses has become much more tangible. I’m not only feeling them and seeing them in a flash (as I had previously) and being blasted by their energy (that I then embody and transmit to those gathered), but I’m seeing them for the duration of the meditation.

Lotus Triple Goddess Flower Essence

For YEARS I’ve known I was to make an essence from Lotus (water lily). I thought I was going to have to go to Hawaii to do that. But a friend and student posted photos last year of some gorgeous water lilies. I sent a message asking if they were hers and she responded, “yes.” I told her of my desire and she said she would love for me to make an essence from her flowers the following year (this year).
She sent me a photo in July of two water lily’s in bloom. I asked if that meant I should pack up my things and head her way to make an essence. Again, she said, “yes.” 
So off I went to a beautiful location, with a beautiful pond full of water lily’s under a huge tree. 
Typically I have to tune in and ask the flower deva which bloom wishes to be made into an essence. But, the deva and water lily’s had predetermined that already. There was only one full bloom happening on the entire pond. It was a perfect flower … the one you see in the image above.  
Thankfully my friend’s boyfriend was there and helped me get all the things needed from my car to make an essence. The beautiful bloom was in the middle of the pond. So reaching it was very tricky business. He assisted by kneeling as close to the pond as possible while holding the bowl out over the pond near the bloom. I stood on the edge of the pond on some rocks trying not to fall in, leaning as far out as possible to clip the bloom. It fell into the bowl without any assistance. 
I thanked him for his assistance and he left so I could do the invocations and commune with the flower and the essence that would be made. I invoked Quan Yin, Lady Lakshmi, and all the other Goddess connected to water lily’s and Lotus. Three gorgeous Goddesses showed up and stood there with me. The four of us stood around the bowl that had been placed on the ground.
Quan Yin stood opposite me in a beautiful flowing white outfit with a gorgeous white mist all around her and the most wonderful soft nurturing energy. On my left was Lady Lakshmi in vibrant colors of magenta and gold and energy just as vibrant. I was unfamiliar with the third Goddess who stood to my left. She was also clothed in brilliant blues and greens and emitted a delightfully sweet energy. In addition to the heavenly energy the water was being infused with from the water lily, the three Goddesses infused their energies into the essence.
Later my friend showed up and I shared with her my experience with the essence. And I told her how surprised I was at how small in stature these women were. When you think of Ascended Masters, we often think of them larger than life. But these powerful Goddesses were very life sized and shorter and more petite than I am.
I’m calling this essence Lotus Triple Goddess.

Dahlia Mother Mary Goddess Flower Essence

A week or so later, the Dahlia I’ve been growing in the new garden began putting out a massive spray of blooms. I knew it was time to create an essence.
What I find fascinating is that the Dahlia is very similar in color to the water lily. I placed the essence bowl with the Dahlia bloom on the grown by the mother flower of that bloom. Later I set it on top of a tree stump we have in the garden to use as a small table so the essence could get more direct sunlight.
When I did the invocation, not even asking for a Goddess to show up, Mother Mary appeared and stood opposite me … on the other side of the bowl from where i stood. She was clothed in the same colors as the flower. Her headdress and robe looked like they were spun from the flower. Her energy is always so fabulous to experience. She infused her energy into the Dahlia essence.
I’m calling this essence Mother Mary.

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