Ascension & Enlightenment

What is Ascension?

Many of the people who visit my websites or read my newsletter are curious about esoteric ideas such as Ascension and Enlightenment.

So what is ascension anyway?

I think Tony Stubbs – or actually Arial that he was channeling – has said it best. The first line of the first paragraph of the first chapter in the book, What is Lightbody, says: “Ascension is nothing more than a shift in vibration.” Those aren’t the exact words. I’m quoting from memory.

So what does that mean?

It means that we are in the third dimension and we are transforming ourselves inside a physical body, that has a personality attached, in such a way that we can shift into another dimension. Some say fourth dimension. Some say fifth dimension. Some say a certain octave on a scale above this one. etc., etc. I personally don’t feel that part matters much.

What really matters is that in order to live in this higher dimension (whatever it’s called) requires that we transmute the density of the dimension we are in. And that is NO SMALL TASK.

That’s really what the entire spiritual journey is all about – who we are becoming. We NEVER get there. Even in the other dimensions the beings are evolving there too. It is a constant spiral of evolution for us individually and as a soul group and as a species and as a planet and as a universe.

It’s always nice to have a role model. There are the Masters that actually walked the earth – Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), Buddha, and many more.

Twice I have experienced what I consider perfection within another human being walking upon the earth. I don’t know if either of these individuals are ascended beings walking among us, or if I was just able to experience them when they were holding a certain vibration and “space” for the rest of us.

The first time I ever felt a magical presence with a human was in a weekend workshop with Neil Douglas Klotz and the Dances of Universal Peace. I didn’t, and still don’t, know anything about Neil. However, what I do know is that he has the ability to create a space where the energy in the room is pure love. And he seemed to be in a peaceful state of bliss – totally calm and centered within himself and yet in joy – and fulfilling his mission by sharing his work. Was this a moment or does he hold that space all the time? I don’t know the answer.

The second time was much more powerful for me personally. I was in a little herb shop in southern California. I was asking the owner (whom I had never met before) about some herbs for a particular health issue. She was explaining something to me and stopped in the middle of her sentence. She said, “You need to meet Ann.”

She gave me a copy of a hand written message and directions to a home way off on the side of a mountain somewhere. It sounded a little strange, but I kept the information.

A week or so later someone told Raven, my husband at the time, about the same woman and he got the same hand written message and directions. We knew signs when we saw them so we decided to check out whatever it was that this Ann woman had to offer.

It turned out that she was doing a talk at a library in a nearby town. The room was packed full of people. I sat somewhere in the middle of the room holding Raven’s hand. The moment she entered the room tears began running down my face and they continued to do so the entire time she talked. It was rather embarrassing. I had NEVER felt energy like that before. Oh I’ve felt high frequencies, and heat coming in so strong you feel like you might pass out or throw up, and Reiki, and special energies brought in for certain things. I even channel a whole host of energies myself. But I had never felt this before that day.

After the talk we inquired about the weekend discourse she was doing. It turns out there was no more room but that she was open for individual sessions during the upcoming week. So Raven and I each spent an hour and a half with her privately.

The first thing I asked was about the energy in the room. She just smiled and looked at me with this all-knowing smile and said, “I am simply radiating back to you that which you are – pure love.” Once again I was in tears.

We eventually did one of the weekend experiences and another evening or two of talks. We got to meet her ex-husband and hear about her from his perspective.

Ann Hughes IS St. Francis of Assisi. He has embodied her. She DOES NOT channel him. She IS him. From what I saw it is as if the personality Ann no longer exists. Now the people who know and work with her day to day might have entirely different things to say about her. But, everyone I know who has met her can only describe it as magical. Her ex husband says that when she is not meeting with people or doing a talk she is lying in her room. She leaves her body and travels around and does healing work. This work is her entire life. There is NO romantic relationship. There is no JOB to go to. There is no DISTRACTION from the work. The work is her and she is the work. I don’t know many other people who are there yet.

Her story is very unusual and most people are not willing to do what she has done. This level of evolution for her came with a BIG PRICE. The rewards probably hugely outweigh the prices paid. But significant personal sacrifices were made. She was an average middle class British housewife with a husband and children. She was not on a conscious spiritual path.

She was somehow contacted by the Ascended Masters and told that she had a contract to embody St. Francis and what that all meant. She was given the opportunity to LITERALLY sit down with each of the ascended masters and have a conversation. Ask them anything she wanted to. And then she was given the deal.

It went like this “You have 24 hours to walk out of your house with nothing but a change of clothes and your back pack. You must not take any money with you. You must leave your husband and children now and you have 24 hours to tell them and leave.”

You can imagine what a HARD DECISION this must have been.

The next day she walked out of her house and went to a park and sat on a bench. A man sat down beside her and they began talking. He ended up taking her home to spend the weekend with his family and she has been “completely taken care of” ever since. There was 9 months of having to drink only honey water – no food. And I’m sure there are many other things she was required to do in order to hold the vibrations she holds, be as loving and yet unattached as she is, and make the difference that she is making.

She always wears silk and when we saw her last she was living in a huge Spanish Villa in southern California surrounded by orchards. I heard she was also given a house in Fiji. She truly doesn’t care about these things. Because she is not attached to them, she easily manifests them. Everything she does is by donation. She never charges a specific price and refuses to participate in events where there is a set charge. Her philosophy is “How can you put a price on love?”

She embodies love. She radiates love. She IS love. That is the enlightenment or ascension we are aspiring to.

Spiritual Arrogance

Sometimes in our journey we can get stuck. Our personality or ego tricks us into thinking that we “have arrived.” “I have all these ‘special’ gifts that others don’t have.” “I get premonitions about the future.” “I hear the Ascended Masters speaking.” “I can see energy fields.” “I have a following.” “So I must be this grand being that is much better, higher, more evolved than those poor pathetic creatures around me.”

O.K. that’s a little much and its usually much more subtle. But is it a very big pitfall nonetheless. There is actually a term for it – its called SPIRITUAL ARROGANCE. There is a stage of Lightbody activation where it is a prominent characteristic. It is definitely no fun to be around anyone going through that. And, at some time or another, we all will probably experience it ourselves.

I make new amazing discoveries about myself often. I’m talking about uncovering fears, beliefs, judgments that have existed in my personality all along but that I was completely unaware of.

Of course those people closest to me have been able to see them. And being the loving non-codependent people that they are, they allow me to be who I am and to evolve at my pace. They don’t feel the need to “fix” me or tell me all my faults. That is true support and love – complete acceptance – knowing that the person will “get it” in their own time – or not. And loving them anyway.

It wasn’t too long ago that I found it very hard, well almost impossible, to share that I was imperfect.


Because my fear of unworthiness held so much power over me, it affected how I presented myself on the phone, in public, how I dressed, talked, shared or didn’t share, even how I wrote. It was devastating to me if someone saw an imperfection.

How liberating to no longer be worried about such silly stuff. Now I dress up because I want to, not because I have some image to uphold. Now I’m real, instead of this pretend facade I used to keep up. Keeping up a false image (even if you don’t know you are doing it) is enormously energy draining.

Self Reflection to Ascertain Areas Needing Work

How do you know if you are fooling yourself about your personal growth needs? The answer is to constantly review your life and everything that occurs in it. In any given moment where are your thoughts and emotions?

Consider the following:

Are you surrounded by chaos and drama?

Do you find yourself in disagreements with people?

Do you have an emotional reaction to situations in your own life or in the news? Do you react with fear or anger when you watch 6000 people die on TV?

Does that fear or anger stay with you? Even if you are not experiencing fear or anger, but perhaps compassion, do you run the scene over and over in your mind? Or, do you see it, evaluate how it affects you and the world, bless the souls who transitioned to the next part of their personal evolution (as they had contracted to do at that time), and be done and complete with the event? That is living in the Present – a very important part of the ascension process.

Do you manifest at will? (Well of course you do! Just maybe not what your personality was hoping you would manifest)

Do you experience inner peace and joy in every moment?

Are you in gratitude in every moment?

Is every moment magical?

Or is life a struggle?

Do you have physical issues that you haven’t resolved?

Do you enjoy the people you have surrounded yourself with?

Is there any part of your life that just isn’t working the way you desire?

Have you stopped having new insights and realizations about yourself and how life works?

These things are indicators or where you are and what you need to work on.

The path to enlightenment and ascension requires transmuting fears, limiting beliefs, judgments, expectations, and attachments into love. Perfect Divine Love. It requires learning discernment.

There is a very easy way to gauge how high your vibration is. What is the time lag between when you decide you desire something and when it shows up?

Manifesting a parking spot is a great one. You decide that you want to find a parking spot. You “ask” for a parking spot and you may define some parameters. If you instantly get what you asked for, then you are probably vibing very high and are in flow in the moment. If you have to drive around for a long time and can’t seem to find anything, it’s a good indication that you are “off.” You might be out of balance in some way, or at a lower vibration than is required to manifest the parking spot at will. There are sometimes other reasons – like a synchronistic event is being set up and you need to be at exactly a certain spot at a certain time so you are being “delayed.”

When you are exposed to high frequencies they force the lower frequency things like negative emotions or blockages in your energy field to surface. To maintain high frequency requires that all the lower frequencies by transmuted. Otherwise you can only go so far and the discomfort of the lower frequencies being present is too much.

Adding high frequency also does many other wonderful things. If you have been contemplating, or trying to discover the reason, something isn’t working as you would like, you can introduce high frequency. Its one of the reasons I love working with Dancing Dolphin Flower and Gem Essences so much. Flower essences are very beneficial in helping you discover the CAUSE of a particular issue. Shifting, transmuting, or healing something is often VERY EASY once the cause is known.

There are many ways to raise your vibration – meditation, time in nature – I devote whole sections of my ebook Freeway to Freedom to this topic.

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve attained enlightenment. However, I am constantly reviewing and growing and achieving a higher level of vibration than the one I was previously at. I KNOW I am evolving? And yes, I do actually catch myself being Spiritually Arrogant. But instead of being really harsh with myself – as I once did – I now just laugh. “Oh no, I’m actually human! I have faults like everyone else and its totally O.K. to not be perfect. But, little ego, we aren’t going to be arrogant anymore.”

Have a fabulous day,

Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature

P.S. Many people write us after reading this article and request information about Ann “Francis” Hughes. I lost touch with her for many years. Then, quite unexpectedly, she called me one day from Australia. I don’t know where she is these days. That was 6 or so years ago.

P.S.S. All Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergy Oils and Mists help you Up Your Vibe as you head toward ascension and enlightenment,

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