Summer, The Secret, Expansion, Doing, and the time of action

Summer is the time of doing. You definitely need to take some time for yourself and “be” every now and then. But primarily summer is the most activity laden season.

For those closer to the land, it is the time of working the fields, tending to the flowers, being outdoors and getting everything done to yield the best possible harvest.

The same is true of your life.

Actions need to be taken for the dreams and goals you have set. I’ve read recently, in a few newsletters and on facebook, the goal setting advice being spouted right now by personal/spiritual growth gurus. Step 1, Step 2, blah blah.

Sorry, it’s not time to plan, or dream, or sit around making your dream boards and posters.


It’s time to act.

I remember having dinner one night in Santa Fe with Andi and Jonathan Goldman. It was a very special occasion and I was honored to be included in their plans. It was their wedding anniversary – a wonderful time of celebration.

As we talked endlessly about life, what we’d been up to since our last time together, we got on the subject of “The Secret.” The movie had just been released. I already had a clear opinion about the matter. So I was quite curious to discover what Jonathan had to say about The Secret.

My take on The Secret is that there are lots of wonderful nuggets in there and I highly respect the participants in both movies. It’s just that there is a whole lot not being said, and what is said leads one to believe that you can sit in a lotus position and dream your life into being.

Hmmm . . . let’s see . . staring into the eyes of Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Taylor Lautner (wow, he’s young) . . . lol (laugh out loud) . . . not likely, but a fun exercise nonetheless.

Mark Joyner did an amazing job in the very first exercise of Simpleology 101 in making the truth so obvious about what you need to do to accomplish your dreams and goals. The exercise is hysterical and proves the point better than anything I’ve ever come across. I think I actually had tears running down my face because I was laughing so hard. Mark was brilliant, as usual! Try Simpleology for Free Here.

Back to the conversation – Jonathan said that he knows most of the folks in The Secret and they are all extremely powerful marketers.

We talked about having to take actions towards your dreams. I mentioned “inspired action” being significantly more productive and effective than just doing to be doing.

Yes you have to be crystal clear about what you want. You have to focus on it and let the Universe know what you want – using whatever means works best for you – visualization, saying it out loud, writing it down, making a dream board, etc.. And you have to align your values with your goals. You have to overcome your blocks to success and fears – that’s where a great deal of my work comes in.

But then you can’t sit there on your bloody ass – oh my heaven’s I said it, didn’t I – and expect to become famous, wealthy, successful, healthy, in love, traveling the world, blah blah. You have to take action.

And all the people in the Secret are fabulous at taking action. They put themselves out there. They stand on the stage. They put up the website. They write their books and get them published. They do radio and TV interviews.

Yes when you have raised your vibration and are in alignment with your Divine (Higher) Self, life does unfold in magical and mysterious ways. I am constantly in awe of how much that happens in my life. I am ever grateful and blessed by the synchronicity and help I receive on a daily basis. But I “do” all the time.

When I meditate, I receive inspiration about actions to take. And whenever I follow those inner promptings, the results always exceed my expectations. You do meditate every day don’t you?

You have to take action as well.

It’s summer.

We’ve already planted the seeds. Now get out there and make your garden (life) grow and prosper the way you are intending.

Have a great day,


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