Homeschooled Kids Rock

Homeschooled kids are amazing!

One of my facebook friends just posted this link.

Cab-Schooled Student Earned Ticket To Harvard

You can read about, and listen to the story, here:

You go girl!

Yes, as a homeschool mom, I am a bit biased. Some pretty impressive people were homeschooled including Albert Einstein, the Wright Brothers, George Washington, Thomas Edison, and many others. There’s a pretty good list at this link:

The truth is, all kids are fabulous and my dearest hope and prayer is that they all grow up in the best environment possible to help them shine and become all that they can be. For some that is homeschooling. For others its public or private school. May they each be blessed with exactly what they need to succeed.

Want to know more about homeschooling, visit my site to learn more about what it is, the various forms it takes – including riding in a big rig – and if the choice might be right for you and your family.

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