American Dream

Take a good long look at your priorities.

Eventually, one day some day you realize that relationships are so much more important than the type of car you drive, the title you have at work, or how big your house it.

And trust me – I’ve had all those things. I used to travel by limo to New York City, drive a fancy gold sports car and then a red one. I have no way to count the number of ski trips I’ve taken staying in cliff side condos with roaring fireplaces and fine wine. I had the clothes and fancy dinners and on and on. I lived the American dream. I had the car, and the guy, and the job that everyone else was clamoring for.

But I was stressed beyond capacity and I was miserable. No-one else knew. I didn’t even know it. I had buried my emotions so fully that I didn’t recognize the truth of my situation. But just before the dam broke, and the truth came crashing out, there were tell tell signs everywhere. Like the day when one of my employees stopped me and said “You look awful. (Of course that is never a good thing to say to a women) This past year you have aged 10 years.” Oh God, and I had to look in the mirror and agree with him. Stress was killing me – emotionally, mentally, and physically. And there was no way to get out of the pressure cooker and still maintain the job and the life style. I was stuck. And you probably are as well.

But my soul had other plans. I didn’t come here to live and die by the American dream. I came here to do much more than that. I came here to find happiness. I came here to rediscover the truth – about God, about myself, about what is possible, about what really matters.

American Dream Quote by Debbie Takara Shelor

Developing inspiring close personal relationships, growing personally and spiritually, making a positive difference in other people’s lives, finding peace and happiness within are the things that will fulfill you.

You can continue to seek fame and fortune, another techno gadget that costs a mint, and yet another new car, or you can figure out when you have attained enough. What do you require to be happy? What do you require to be fulfilled, to feel nurtured, to enjoy your life? And then you can stop spending, going further into debt, and begin to share what you have with others.

There is nothing wrong with wanting luxury. But you must bring it back into balance. And you can’t let your having it or not having it define your happiness. Rediscover who you are. Get really clear about what makes you happy?

You have to grow up and evolve.

Trying to live the American Dream is killing many people. It could be killing you

There is more suicide and more disease than ever before. Debt and deadlines are not the way to happiness and fulfillment. The dam has broken and flooded our world.

In my life the dam breaking allowed me to find truth, get really clear and realign my priorities. You, and the rest of the world, have that same opportunity.

The wake up calls will continue to grow stronger until everyone gets it. First it was the World Trade Center. Later on it was tsunamis or something else. What will tomorrow bring?

Ask your higher self, your guides, your angels, your God, to Illuminate your self and your life. You will be amazed at what you begin to see and understand.

There is a giant party happening on both sides of the veil

The New Year promises to be quite something. This is the most exciting time ever experienced on planet earth. We all CHOSE to be right here right now. It is time for celebrating. And everyone on the other side of the veil – those millions and billions of beings that are there to assist you the moment you ask – for anything, at any time, always – are celebrating what is happening here.

It is the time of the Great Illumination and the Great Awakening. Wake up. Wake up. Stop your slumber. Stop living under the illusion. Open your eyes and see the truth. Click your glasses and enjoy the champagne.

Blessings to you always,

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