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Greetings Dear Hearts, I am Quan Yin.  I thank you for inviting me into the embrace of Pendragon this evening.  The energy is quite melodic and very loving, and it brings me great joy to be a part of you tonight.

It is about energy that I come to speak this evening.  As Humanity moved along its pathway of duality, it began to attribute to energy the same perceptions and perspectives that they gave to physical matter, so energy took on the characteristics of your duality, and separated within itself in order for it to work with you, and through you.

But as we have indicated to you previously, this is a time for Light to be thrown upon different perceptions and perspectives that you may feel that you would like to embrace, to enhance your journey of Ascension.

Because we in the other Dimensions, have needed to work with you in your Dimension, we too have needed to embrace some of your duality perceptions, so you might think that we too have been guilty at times of apportioning different values to different forms of energy.  Indeed until quite recently we have spoken to you about the bringing together of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

These are measures of your duality, and it is in regard to these two energies that I come to you tonight, to ask you to let go of the Divine Feminine, to let go of the Divine Masculine when speaking, thinking, feeling or working with the energies of the Earth.

Instead, address them simply as the Divine Oneness, for in truth the energies of the Earth are not divided, they are in Oneness and in Unity. As you struggle daily to move from your Dimension of duality, into the Dimension of Oneness, by embracing the Divine Oneness energies, you will find your journey both easier and more joyful, for each time you work with your perceptions of duality, you reinforce the separation of energies.

You are not moving into the Dimension of Oneness completely over night, it will take time, but you can help ease yourself along the path by listening to yourselves, to the words you use, and ask yourself “are these the words of duality, or the words of Oneness?”

Energy is not physical matter.  Yes you may look upon your world of physical matter and you will see masculine and feminine, and that will not change, but when you deal with energy you can change your perceptions and perspectives, and embrace the energy of the Earth as the energy of Oneness.

The crystalline structure of the Earth, the ‘Rivers of Energy’ throughout the Earth have all moved into the Dimension of Oneness, to the Dimension of Unicorn.  It is Humanity that still vacillates, moves backwards then forwards, into and out of the Dimension of duality and the Dimension of Oneness.  Each time you embrace Oneness you move yourselves more fully into the new Earth frequencies.

The ‘Rivers of Energy’ that flow through your Earth Planet have been separated by your perspectives and perceptions, into Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and you call them the Michael and the Mary Lines.  These lines are not different in that way, they are two parts of the whole, they are simply ‘Rivers of Energy’, arteries for the Earth, and they all now flow in Oneness, in Unity. Where you have a confluence of two lines – as you have at Willow Springs, and as you have beneath the Glastonbury Tor –  do not perceive these as masculine and feminine, but simply two lines of Oneness coming together to create a Portal of Light, a Portal of Sound, a Gateway into the Dimension of Oneness.

We cannot compel you to speak only of Oneness, but tonight I ask that when you find yourselves describing energies in these terms of masculine and feminine, take a deep breath and correct yourself, and refer to them only as Divine Oneness, and the more this happens, the more you let go of the duality of the old, and embrace the Oneness of the new.

I thank you once more for inviting me into the embrace of Pendragon, and I bless each one of you with great Love and great Joy, for we are all in Oneness within our Hearts.

Blessings be upon you.

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”



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