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I’m going to take a guess that if you are reading Takara’s newsletter that you don’t necessarily follow a traditional path. In that light I’d like to veer away from the birthstone charts and follow a new path, matching the stones to the zodiac signs, which seems to make more sense to me when we’re delving into matters of spirit. As often seems to be the case, my take on things is a bit different, and hopefully that’s one of the reasons you are reading what I write….assuming, of course, that you do read it.

This morning when I sat down to write what I clearly saw was carnelian and combinations of carnelian and citrine. When I tune into the energy of Leo, what I see is orange and vibrancy, self-confidence and a certain clarity about self and role in the world.  Strangely, when I looked up the gemstones for Leo, I came up with onyx, amber, citrine, garnet, Peridot, quartz, ruby and danburite. The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, the color is orange, the metal is gold, and the flowers are sunflower and marigold. Where oh where did they come up with some of those stones?  But I’m not here to debate what others believe, I’m here to let you in on my unique take on things.

Carnelian speaks to me of sunsets, passion, boldness, confidence, creativity and, most importantly, zest for living that is unsurpassed in other gemstones. Carnelian, like Leo, makes things happen. Not content to sit on the sidelines and wish, carnelian will support your dreams with the full vibrancy and power of your first three chakras. It’s this energy that catapults you forward from just day dreaming to creating a reality that is juicy and aligned with your soul. When they say “God helps those who help themselves”, they may just have been thinking of Leo when this phrase was first spoken.

Optimized FearlessClearAction

Even if you aren’t a Leo, wearing carnelian will allow you to experience its zest and vitality, moving past your fears and into a dynamically vibrant life. Carnelian connects your dreams with your physical body through the root chakra, moves upward into your sexual/creative chakra, finally moving powerfully into your sense of will and self-determination in a manner that informs the universe that what you want is important and the entire universe begins aligning its force to support your manifestation.

If you are ever frozen by fear, afraid of taking action or of doing the wrong thing, carnelian will help you tap into your self-confidence and knowing and take the right action.

Citrine and carnelian together are especially helpful in gaining clarity and insight into your desires, going deep into what thrills your soul, often going beyond what you’ve allowed yourself to consider as possible. Citrine also helps to connect you to your joy, the happiness that is yours when you feel that everything good is coming your way. You’ll feel aligned with the sun and the source of all abundance.

As I tap into the energy of the next few months, summer bridging into fall, I feel a sense of movement and that there is a shift in the universe and that it’s absolutely critical to take your dreams off the shelf, dust them off and allow them to begin to manifest and inform the world who you are and what is yours to do and be. Does this have anything to do with the Mayan calendar and 2012? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that there is great support on many levels for you, if you are ready to take the next step and fully embody who you are and what is yours to do here and now.

I am listening now to Jewel’s song, Life Uncommon, “Voices ring out clear with sounds of freedom…no longer lend our strength to that which we wish to be free from. We shall lead a life uncommon.”

Allow carnelian and citrine to shine their bright light on your soul and be ready for a life that is uncommon, the vibrant life you are meant to live.

AnnaMariah is a gemstone empath, Reiki Master, and guardian of the stones who listens to the guidance of the stones to create transformational gemstone jewelry. Each stone is reactivated with the original energy of creation and is tasked to assist the wearer or recipient of its energy to awaken to full consciousness of who they are and what is theirs to do. In this way you step out of the darkness and into your full light of being.

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