For healthy eating, I for one am Pescetarian (vegetarian who also eats fish). I try to make sure the fish is wild caught whenever possible. Pesce is Italian for fish.

You can talk to me all day about the mistreatment of animals and I will completely agree with you.

However, I am allergic to all beans (coffee, chocolate, and soy included) and most green vegetables. I tried being vegan. It lasted for 3 to 4 months. I never felt more unhealthy in my life.

I am Pisces – water connected. My ayurvedic dosha is Vata – meaning I need heated food. My blood type is B – which means I need both vegetables and meat to be most healthy (at least according to “Eating Right for Your Type” and my own experimentation).

I eat what my beloved orcas eat – Salmon and other fish. I eat sea vegetables – kombu and other seaweed. I occasionally supplement with Krill oil, Klamath Blue Green algae, even saline (made from Himalayan sea salt crystals and purified water). The sea provides much of my sustenance.

I have to really be careful with sugar and fruit, it causes great imbalance in my body if I do too much of either. Nuts often cause severe abdominal cramping. So … can’t eat soy, can’t do many nuts … the best option I’ve found for protein is fish.

Recent research indicates that the Omega-3 found in fish is significantly better for brain health than that found in flax oil and other sources.

I believe when it comes to food, we have to do our very best to eat healthy and with the least negative impact on the environment including animals. I don’t eat mammals. If my body operated differently, without the allergies and other sensitivities to beans, fruit, nuts, and green vegetables, I’m confident I would be vegetarian, vegan, raw, or fruitarian. But, alas, that is not how this body was designed to operate.

I always give thanks for my food and bless it before I eat it. I apologize if my eating fish is offensive to others. I just felt it was important to be truly authentic about how I operate in the world – and why.

Have a deLightful day,


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Health benefits came from these sources:

To learn more about the amazing benefits of Omega-3 found in certain fish and other benefits of specific nutrition for learning, behavior, sleep, and more:


  1. We are all designed a bit different and we all need to eat healthy. Our bodies do tell us much about ourselves if we pay attention. There are many ways to be healthy and you have found yours. That is an accomplishment many wish to achieve.

  2. I had never hear of this before. I commend you for finding what is healthy and working for you.


  3. Given all your allergies, its great you found what works to keep you healthy. You touched on a key point- know your own body/system and create diet that works best for YOU, not the latest fad or what works for your friend.


  4. This is great that you found something that works for you with so many things against you. Our health is our number one priority.


  5. It is funny that I just gave up fish this year. I was somewhat a pescetarian (I ate mostly raw with fish as an occasional meal when I eat out or holidays etc). I decided to give it up though and stick to straight vegan


  6. I really liked this post. Thank you for your honesty. (You definitely are a water baby!) I think a key takeaway is that you KNOW your body, LISTEN to it, and feed it the way it needs. And that, to me, is about as healthy as you can get!


  7. This is a great reflection for us all to examine what works in our lives relating to food. Personally I don’t eat fish or seafood and also can’t eat beans or most grains. This means I have discovered I’m at my best when I eat organic chicken and animal protein (I’m an “O” blood type). I’m also a Vata, so get the warming foods. We live in a time when we all are wise to find out what works for us best and to stick with that for maximum health and well being.


  8. Great advice, probably the most sound I’ve heard. Find what is right for your body. We are all different and our bodies require different things. Great that you’ve found your balance.

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