What Are Gem Essences

If it weren’t for gems, we wouldn’t have many of the modern technologies we enjoy today. They are found in televisions, quartz clocks, lasers, portable phones, and personal computers. Radio frequencies are only one of many vibrations they can amplify and transmit.

Gems have been highly regarded by various cultures for centuries. It wasn’t just their rarity or beauty that have been so highly prized, but also the energy they attract and emit. Historically gems have been used for physical, mental/emotional, and even spiritual well-being throughout the Americas, Hawaii, Greece, Egypt, Northern Europe, China, India, Australia, and Tibet. Since the jade jewelry used by the Maoris in New Zealand is known worldwide, we can add them as well.

The bible describes in detail the breastplate of the high priest using 12 specific gemstones.

Our most detailed description of their use for healing comes from Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, dating back some 4000 years. In Vedic healing, gems have been traditionally used in 3 ways:
1) gazed upon
2) touched or worn
3) ingested as an elixir
These ancient elixirs were made from actual crystals ground up into a fine powder.

Gems are amplifiers and transmitters of certain frequencies. Not the least of which are the color rays of the stone. Each gem or crystal has specific qualities (more aptly, frequencies) that offer an enhancement of certain attributes: diamond for clarity, emerald for healing, etc.

Because we are 70 to 80% water, and because we are constantly creating new cells, our bodies and minds can easily be changed, transformed, and improved. By studying brain wave patterns, heart rhythms, and even water crystals (through Dr. Emoto), we know that various frequencies are beneficial for peace of mind and well-being and other frequencies cause just the opposite.

Think of what happens when you listen to the sound of ocean waves vs. heavy metal music. The rhythm of the ocean is very soothing and causes you to relax. Heavy metal causes agitation, tension, and sometimes even aggression. The same is true of color – and even colored gemstones. If a person is lacking energy, you can put them in a red or orange room and they will feel more energized. However, if you take a person who is angry and put them into a red room, they will become very aggressive. The first person was lacking the vitality of red. The second person already had an overabundance. So ruby, which amplifies the red ray, would be beneficial for the first person and detrimental to the second.

When I was working in the Ergonomics department at Virginia Tech, the military gave them a contract to find the absolute perfect color to paint the inside of their submarines – so that the people stuck on them for weeks would remain calm and not be aggressive with one another. After numerous studies, the color chosen was a soft shade of blue-green – mint green or sea foam. It is very soothing. And gems of that color are very very soothing because they are amplifying the color vibrations.

All forms of energy, or vibrational, healing involve introducing the person’s body and mind to particular balancing frequencies using color, sound, gems/crystals, flower essences, etc. The shifts exhibited by clients are often significant and fast.

People are naturally drawn to certain stones or gems. When a gem brings them an attribute that they like, the person will often wear that gem in the form of jewelry. Having it touching their skin simply makes them feel good. They don’t know why they like this one more than another one, they simply do.

People visit spa’s for various reasons:

1) to be pampered
2) to get away and destress (release energy blockages, tensions, pressure)
3) because something in their life isn’t working (health, relationships, career, family) and they need to regroup (realign, rebalance)
4) to take time for themselves, away from the pressures of daily life, in order to find clarity and get clear about what’s important to them (reprioritize).

Gem essences offer great support in 2 through 4. Since people feel pampered whenever they are being nurtured in any way, they address #1 as well. Unlike the old grind up the gem method used in ancient India, a gem essence is made by placing extremely high quality gems (often in sets) in water and letting their energy infuse into the water, often through sunlight.

People who are highly sensitive to subtle energy can hold a crystal or gem and notice differences in vibration (tingling or heat) and even get a sense of what that gem can do for them. When I am working with a person, I intuitively “know” which one they need. I don’t choose gems or gem elixirs based on what I know about them and their attributes. I energetically match up the vibration of the person and the vibrational of the stone.

I took what some might consider a personal spa vacation for over 10 years. I left the pressure and stress of work as a front line supervisor and Industrial Engineer in the pharmaceutical industry and moved to the ocean, then the mountains, and finally the high desert. In each location I spent a great deal of time out in nature in silence, in meditation, and in deep inner reflection. I developed quite a sensitivity to flowers and gems.

Gem essences help stabilize and balance the energy field. This, in turn, stabilized and balances the body and mind.

The chakras are the doorway between the energy field, or aura, and the physical and mental body of the person. So working with them specifically offers ample rewards.

The Dancing Dolphin Essence Kit for chakras is extremely unique and highly beneficial. It is part of the Essence of Sound collection made in collaboration with world renowned Sound Healer, Jonathan Goldman. The Essences of Sound are all infused with his sacred healing music. The kit contains one aromatherapy roll-on for each of the 7 main chakras (energy centers of the body). Each roll-on contains its own unique formula of gem essences, sound, color, and essential oils all synergistically alchemically combined the Dancing Dolphin way for the particular chakra being addressed. When used together, it forms a complete system for realigning, rebalancing, and reharmonizing body, mind, and soul. https://www.magnificentu.com/store/dolphin-vibrational-medicine-energy-healing-flower-essences-gem-essences-aromatherapy/Kits/Chakra-Kit-Aromatherapy-Gem-Essence-Healing-Oil

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