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When you’re in alignment, clear, and operating at a truly high frequency, amazing (seemingly miraculous) things can happen. The gap in time between when you decide you want something and when it shows up in your life can dramatically decrease. If you’ve read my latest bestselling book, Unleash Your Future: The Powerful 5 Step Formula to Transform Your Dreams into Reality Through the Law of Attraction, you know that there are five critical components to “programming the Universe” and manifesting your desires. When you operate in what I call the Noble C StateTM, the amount of power that happens in the programming stage is so intense, things can show up very very quickly. I recently had this sudden “knowing” that it was time to get rid of a particular vehicle and to finally get my dad in the VA (veterans administrative) system. So I made the decision (set the intention) to get both done right away. I kid you not … the very next day, I got two very interesting phone calls that made both of those things happen. The first was from one of my cousins. He said, “Are you still wanting to get rid of that car?” It came up in a conversations we had months before … the fact that I may want to junk a car. He went on to say, “I have two guys that might be able to take it off your hands.” I said yes, and he took care of the rest. The second phone call was from another cousin who works at one of the VA facilities. A few years prior, she sent papers to get my dad in the VA system. Because of some glitch, he wasn’t yet in the computer system. I’d talked to several people at the VA at the time and it never got sorted out properly. Then, when COVID hit, my family went into complete isolation for a year and 7 months. My parents are in their 90’s and mom is immune compromised. We weren’t about to show up at the VA for my dad to be seen by a doctor (a step in the process) with COVID raging. After the phone call with my cousin, I faxed a bunch of information to her and she handled all the rest. Within just a few days of my decision, everything was handled and it was other people who showed up to take care of everything. That’s not at all how I thought those things were going to get accomplished. I simply decided it was time and planned to put in whatever work was necessary to see them through to completion. The more you operate in this Noble state of being, the more careful you have to be about what you focus on, dwell on mentally, state out loud, decide you want or don’t want. Such decisions should not be made in haste or when upset. It takes inner work, releasing of fear and the other 9 Veils of IllusionTM (my term for the core inner issues that stop us), aligning more fully with the Divine, daily disciplines like deep meditation, etc. to rise significantly in frequency. I teach many of these things in the Sacred Circle.

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