Where do you come from? empowerment wholeness Native American ancestors

Where do you come from?

Do you even know?

Do you know who your people are? I’m talking about your ancestors from eons past.

Do you know:

  • where they lived,
  • what their daily lives were like,
  • what type of rituals and ceremonies they practiced,
  • what language they spoke, or
  • what they believed?
I lived for almost 10 years in New Mexico surrounded by the 8 Northern Pueblos. We held monthly sweat lodges and other ceremonies at our shamanic healing center, Spirit of Nature Retreat. Because of the way the native people have been treated, several (to this day) want nothing to do with “white people.” Yet, even many of them became my dear friends. And I’m about as pasty white skinned as it gets. We were invited to visit and break bread with several of our friends who lived in the pueblos of their ancestors.
We had Native Americans from many different tribes/pueblos who came to participate in our ceremonies and gatherings. Some came as teachers and healers to assist those who attended. Others came because they always had powerful experiences there. We had Cherokee, Lakota, Navajo, Tewa, Tiwa, and many others. I will forever feel honored at the number of wise ones from so many traditions who spent hours sitting in my living room or breaking bread at my table and sharing their stories, their beliefs, and their amazing peaceful energy with me and my then husband.
Many Native Americans, even though their people have gone through an extreme amount of horror and injustice, still have the most peaceful countenance you may ever encounter. They know who they are. They are connected to the land, all of nature, and they walk with their ancestors. They have passed down the stories, the beliefs, the symbolism, the meaning of things for eons. They know where they come from. And that shows up in their aura, their presence, the way they stand and move in the world. There is an energy about them that very few non-natives have been able to achieve. And, their ancestors really are with them.
The disconnect in modern society, particularly in the West, is that with Christianity came a complete abandonment of ancestors and traditions. Europeans embraced the “holy book” and took on the old testament and Judaism as their own heritage. 
Yet, for many, that is not their heritage. Their ancestors were not darker skinned, living in Egypt and the middle east. They were pale skinned people living in Europe being Vikings or Druids or some other pagan people. Tapping back into those roots can be very empowering and illuminating.
Another group that is very in touch with their ancestors and heritage is the Jewish people. They have passed down elaborate rituals and celebrations (all having deep meaning) for ages. They also know who they are.
I saw this greeting today … “Hail amazing heathens!” and it made me smile. I’m part of several groups on Facebook made up of people who have gone back to the roots of their ancestors and are doing rituals and honoring the gods and ways of their European ancestors. It can be a powerful practice.
In the journey toward wholeness, embracing your ancestors and where you came from can be a mighty important step.
Yes, if you are reading my work, you probably did come from the Stars. However, you also incarnated into a human body with a third dimensional lineage that stretches back for eons. Even those lineages can eventually point to the stars. Many of my Native American friends know (with great certainty) that their ancestors came from the Pleiades (the 7 Sisters). 

When you know where you came from, who your people are, it gives you a much firmer foundation to stand on. And when you are feeling unsure or in need of some support as you face something monumental, when you “call in” your ancestors, you can literally feel legions of them joining you. Like a pride of lions, it allows you to walk into a space with great confidence.

I send you blessings as you discover more about your heritage,
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In the Sacred Circle we delve into many different traditions and lineages. As I lead participants in guided shamanic vision journeys, we often get to reclaim each particular heritage … whether it is ours this lifetime or from another lifetime. And, we get to reclaim the gifts, talents, and mastery that comes with that lineage. Join us in the Sacred Circle!

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