Because of the nature of who I am and the business I’m in, people often tell me things about their past that they never dare share with anyone else. I’ve heard so many horror stories from clients and friends, sometimes random strangers, about the things that happened to them in their own homes, and outside the home as they were growing up and even into adulthood. Being  “staked” and gang raped, starved and locked in a closet, pimped out by parents who were part of a cult, beaten to the point of having a near death experience because they were legally dead, and on and on it goes. These are “normal” people from all walks of life and every economic level. You would never know as an onlooker that they are survivors of such madness.

Yet, on the inside, they suffer …greatly. And that is precisely why many of them find me. Trying to “hold it together” and look normal and lead a normal life when you have barely survived such atrocities is more than many can bear. They often end up with serious illnesses, phobias, addictions, failed marriages, seriously addictive, disempowering, or disharmonious relationships, and sometimes bounce from career to career.

It’s hard to find joy when inwardly you are not at peace. Being empathic (able to literally tangibly feel their pain), I can often listen without judgment and offer support and help find solutions.

Most people haven’t experienced that level of abuse. But almost everyone has experienced something in life that left them feeling unloved, unworthy, less than, like a victim of one kind or another, distrusting of people and life. Someone in authority told them something (it could be anything really) that they then believed and made a reality for the rest of their life about who they are and what their potential is. Or, they got caught up in some belief system – religious, political, business, etc. – that also limits their ability to achieve what they desire, to feel fulfilled, and to be happy.

Because I personally went through some fairly intense and ugly scenarios that needed to be addressed, I now help others deal with theirs. My products, tools, and programs are designed to assist.

But there are those who ignore the past. It’s over, so they feel they should just move on. All good southern women learn to “grin and bear it” regardless of what “it” is. It looks great from the outside. No one suspects that there is pain within. Often the person doesn’t even realize they are “hiding” anything. But I’ve seen again and again where this plan seems to always fail.

When there are unhealed wounds, your soul has a way of drawing to you people and situations that show you that fact. Suddenly there is trauma drama happening in your life and you can’t figure out why.  A certain person does or says something and it makes you feel sad or angry or upset in some other way. If you really look deeply at what they said or did and the level of your reaction to it, you will almost always find that your strong reaction has nothing to do with this current situation, but it has a lot to do things from the past that have been ignored.

You can easily tell if you have truly healed something from the past … because when you tell the story, or it is brought up by someone else, you feel no emotional pain. It’s just a story. Once upon a time this happened. There is no anger. There is no sadness. There is no victimhood of any kind related to it. There is no judgment of the other person or series of events. It’s just something that happened. A trivial fact from the past.

Until that point is reached, the events and emotional trauma drama from the past tend to come back and haunt you,

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