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We all have a unique gift, skill, or talent that we are here to express. Some even have spiritual gifts that they are to use to help others. The expression of these gifts and talents often bring joy, peace, healing, or understanding to the individual, and in some cases, other people.

For some, a spiritual gift might be songs that they hear in their head, or symbols or images they see in their mind’s eye. A clairaudient person might hear songs or words. A clairvoyant person might imagine a picture and draw or paint it. I have many friends who “receive” words and symbols.

I am deeply blessed to know …

many famous and not so famous musicians. Something they all have in common is the actual “need” to play.

Like all true creative gifts, when left unexpressed, it is as if a part of the soul is withering up and dying. Then, when they pick up their instrument and play, all is once again “right” in their world.

Not all gifts involve creative expression. Some involve gardening, or being a fabulous nanny. Others are drawn to help animals or the less fortunate. There are as many gifts and talents as there are people. Trying to be like everyone else often squelches the expression of your unique gift or talent, which in turn squelches your soul, your energy, your joy!

If you aren’t sure what yours is, just think about the things that bring you the greatest joy. And work continuously to become more calm, clear, confident, and Divinely connected – all the things I assist people with.

For those of us who are “given” a spiritual mandate of some kind, the idea of expressing it publicly can often bring up fears of rejection and unworthiness. Healing these core fears are part of the spiritual evolution for that individual.

Writing, teaching, leading groups, and transmitting calming healing energy are a few of my gifts. I am also highly intuitive and extremely energetically sensitive.

Unusual Relationship with Dolphins

I have an unusual relationship with dolphins (who first came to me in meditation) and orcas (who I lived near in the San Juans). Many of the things people experience when they see or swim with dolphins, many report they also see and sense seeing or talking with me. I act as an amplifier and clarifier, assisting others in “receiving” and sensing for themselves. It is not at all unusual for someone to say that being in my presence, they felt instantly as if they were suddenly realigned back into balance, harmony, and peace. Others have had spiritual gifts literally activate and awaken while sitting and talking with me.

Several spiritual mandates have been given to me that include disseminating certain knowledge, healing energies, and transformational processes to others. These are all things that I “received” through what I call Divine Revelation.

Studying and practicing things like engineering, computer programming, Transcendental Meditation, metaphysics, the Silva Method, aromatherapy, personality profiling, Reiki and other healing modalities, communication, sound healing, shamanism, eastern and western religions, the Melchizadek Method, and many more have prepared me to receive and comprehend the energy and information when it arrives. However, the teachings, energies, and healing processes that I receive are completely unique to me.

Some of these teachings that I have received involve what I call the Platinum Principle, octaves, being in the “right” environment, coming back into harmony and balance with the truth of who you really are, stepping into your true magnificence, aligning with the Divine, and getting into perpetual flow with the Universe.

The energies include the Seed of Divine Restoration and several other healing sessions I offer. The transformational healing processes are part of what I call the Dancing Dolphin Way. Many of these energies “came in” and were activated within me while on pilgrimage to the same sacred location my metaphysical teacher, Stuart Wilde, spent time at while writing the Taos Quintet, particularly the location and energies of The Quickening. Sadly, just as he said they would, the powerful energies in that location have all but closed down. The Taos Quintet was written in the 80’s.

I attended his week-long Warriors in the Mist training there in the mid 90’s. That is when the Seed of Divine Restoration came in and when Stuart talked about the vortex in that location slowly closing. I went there in 2003 and “brought in” many of the healing processes of the Dancing Dolphin Way and have been receiving upgrades that enhance and fine tune them ever since.

I visited the same location in 2013. The “magic” was all but gone. Mountain energy is always powerful for me. But the Quickening energy was no longer perceptible.

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EnJOY Dear Ones!

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