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(The Circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the Tingsha bells.)

Allow the vibrations of the bowls and the bells to lift you up into the embrace of your Soul Journey, feeling deep within your Being the Bliss and Joy of your new Soul Journey, a Soul Journey that enables you to look at the panorama of your existence on the Earth Planet at this time, giving you an overview of all that is happening around you, within you, and feel the Bliss of your Soul moving to fill every aspect of your physical Being, every aspect of your emotional Being, every aspect of your mental Being.

Embrace the Love that you are, and see yourself clearly as a Being of Love, a Being of Light, a Being of Bliss.

Greetings Dear Hearts, I am Hilarion.  It is with great pleasure that I embrace the beautiful energy of this Circle tonight, and feel the Love and the Bliss within each one of you, coming together to create a Oneness of Love, a Oneness of Bliss which radiates forth across the Planet touching every Being, assisting to open Hearts that are ready to birth their own energies of Bliss and Love.

This is truly a magical time upon the Earth Planet – and for humanity as a whole – for this is a time of great change, and each and every one of you has done much work over recent times to prepare yourself for the shift into the new Dimensional frequencies –  but nothing happens immediately! it takes time for each one of you to let go of old programmes, of old belief systems, and each of you will do it at a different pace than another.  So never judge yourself against another, and never judge another against yourself.  Simply embrace ALL with a deep feeling of Love.

This is the essence of your Soul Journey, a journey of acceptance, a journey of opening to the beauty and the power of Love within you, and as you embrace that power within you, you see the world around you begin to change in colour and complexion, for Love spreads quickly to fill the Hearts of many.

Dear Hearts, you are never the victim of circumstances, but you are always the product of your own choices !

That statement may seem a little provocative, for I can hear each and every one of you immediately react and say “but so many things have happened to me in my life, in my many lives, that have been created by others”.

And on the surface, Dear Hearts, that is so, there are many times when ‘things happen’ in your life, but although you may not have initiated changes that take place in your life, you always have the choice of how you react to what happens in your life, and it is not the actual events that create your future.  It is how YOU choose to react to those events that create the reality of your life.

So think again upon that statement “you are never victims, for you always have choice”, and in the New Soul Dimension you choose to be Love, whatever happens or transpires around you in your life, you choose a Loving response, and as you choose the Loving response, you create a Loving environment.

So whatever the intentions of those who seek to create the change, it matters not.  Once YOU accept that YOU choose the life you wish to create.

We accept Dear Hearts that this can at times be difficult, for you are in a world where relationships occur and become extremely important in your lives, but all relationships of meaning originate with a choice of Love – Loving Energies.

You can choose to feel hurt, you can choose to feel pain, you can choose to feel anger, or you can choose to embrace yourself with the energies of Love – and as you do that you create Joy, where on the surface previously, you felt there was no Joy.

In this New Dimension, the old ways are no moreThe Soul Journey is about self-responsibility.  It is about accepting that YOU choose in every moment of your life what you create.

You can acknowledge that another person has created a situation that you need to handle; but they in creating that situation cannot dictate your choices of how you react.

So it is time as you face great changes upon your Planet and upon your relationships with others around you, it is time to accept and embrace personal responsibility for the choices you make.

So I repeat again “You are never the victim of circumstances.  You are only the product of the choices you make”.

Dear Hearts I leave you with that statement, and ask that you allow it to sit within your Heart until you accept and acknowledge the truth of it.

David J Adams

“Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom”



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