Dancing Dolphin Essences
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Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergy Oils & Mists – At a Glance

Below is a list of many of the oils and mists that I create and infuse with dolphin healing and other very finely-tuned high high high vibrational healing energies.

I also do Custom Blends for those who want me to “tune in” and create something specifically for them or someone they love.

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(The catalog contains much more information about each essence than you will find on this page!)

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  • Essence of Sound Chakra Kit – a remarkable collaboration with Jonathan Goldman – 7 unique oils for each of the 7 main energy centers – align, balance & harmonize the chakras like never before
  • Essence of Sound Kit – 4 Essence of Sound oils designed to enhance the musical experience of Jonathan Goldman’s healing sounds with Holy Harmony, The Divine Name, Ultimate Om, and Cosmic Hum
  • Dancing Dolphin Foundation – great starter kit with Aah!, Forgiveness, Thrive, & Vitality
  • Daily Harmony – use daily to clear, balance, & align with Violet Flame, Harmonize, Surrender, & Holy Harmony – comes with a meditation / exercise
  • Shamanic Practitioner’s Kit –soul retrieval, healing, shamanic journeys with Pristine Clearing Mist, Magnificent Protection, Shaman’s Dream, Grounding, and After Care – can substitute Thrive for Grounding for sweat lodge experiences
  • Dancing Dolphin Clearing and Protection Kit – Ultimate clearing & protection for yourself and your space with Magnificent Clearing Mist, Violet Flame, Magnificent Protection, Crown of Glory
  • Law of Attraction Resonance Kit – align with your desired manifestations with Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness
  • Freedom Kit – designed to accompany Takara’s advanced Dancing Dolphin Way Energy Healing program with Magnificent Clearing, Inner Child, Point of Origin, and After Care
  • Earth Healing Kit – to use with ceremony to specific locations, land, or water


  • Aah! – for physical discomfort / pain
  • Bliss – sadness, loss of hope
  • Body Boost – strengthen all body systems
  • Compassion – empathy, caring of self & others
  • Focus – enhances concentration and focus
  • Inner Peace – stress and tension
  • Mental Clarity – clearer thinking, lifts the fog
  • Motherhood – for every stage of motherhood
  • Passion – excitement and full engagement with life
  • Relax – calm down, chill out, relax
  • Sensuality – savoring all that you encounter in life
  • Sweet Dreams – help sleeping
  • Thrive – physical, mental, emotional challenges
  • Uplift – feeling upbeat, happy, being raised up
  • Vitality – tiredness and exhaustion








  • Angel – access the Divine messengers
  • Camelot – adds magic & flow to life, very uplifting, camaraderie
  • Dancing Dolphin – a very joyful energy
  • Dragon – power, strength, protection
  • Faerie –physical healing, manifesting, fun
  • Horse – business success, being unstoppable, wings
  • Mer – deep and mysterious aspects of self
  • Whale – wisdom, depth of understanding




Energetic support for various challenges – we call them various Dolphin Formula numbers, so we are not mentioning the problem on the bottle

  1. betrayal
  2. abandonment
  3. feeling unlovable / unworthy
  4. fear of death / mortality
  5. rejection
  6. broken heart
  7. feeling judged being judgmental
  8. shame
  9. guilt
  10. sexual abuse
  11. victimhood
  12. blind faith (not listening to your heart)
  13. low self-esteem / low self-confidence
  14. blame
  15. severe trauma
  16. leaving a bad relationship (courage to do so)
  17. relocation
  18. post-traumatic stress
  19. addiction
  20. birth trauma (yours or when you gave birth)
  21. miscarriage
  22. abortion & its emotional aftermath
  23. stillbirth
  24. grief
  25. loss
  26. death of a loved one
  27. invaders (attachments, neg. energetics)
  28. fear
  29. co-dependency

ESSENCE OF SOUND with Jonathan Goldman

Below is an alphabetical listing of issues mentioned in various product descriptions.

This section is still under construction.


Essences that Assist with the Issue

awakening Awakening
bliss Bliss
caring about self & others Compassion
change Awakening
clarity Development
compassion Compassion
depression, relieve Calm
empathy Compassion
euphoria Bliss
expansion Development
fatigue Calm
fear Awakening
gifts, true Awakening
hopelessness Bliss
inflammation Calm
joint aches Calm
judging self Compassion
light Bliss
love Awakening
low back pain Aah!
menstrual discomfort Aah!
migraine headache Aah!
nervous habits, breaking Calm
nervous system Calm
peace Calm
physical discomfort Aah!
purpose Development
rapture Bliss
sadness Bliss
spirituality, awakening to Awakening
tranquility Calm
union of body, mind, & spirit Bliss