Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for You and Your Business
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You do not need to be on every social media platform …. just the ones your ideal clients and customers are on and that fit with your business.
FACEBOOK – Everyone needs to be on it who has a business.
TWITTER – Definitely not for everyone. Seems to work well for authors, coaches and consultants, musicians, and various celebrities. Not so great for small businesses that sell products – as a general rule.
LINKEDIN – For professionals, consultants, business to business companies, and people looking for a job and also those hiring. It can work for authors and I know a few astrologers and others who are on there. It is ALL about business and not really about being social.
GOOGLE+ – I don’t see where many people are using Google+. However, you want to be on there for the Google algorithm. Because it is owned by Google, when you have a profile and have a few posts (which can be automatically posted to without you ever having to go on the platform), it can help you or your business be found on Google … always a good thing.
PINTEREST – A great place to be for many business … particularly those with products. It takes a while to set up and pin a bunch of stuff to various boards so you actually have a “presence” on there. In that regard, it is the hardest to get started. But people tend to buy much more from Pinterest links and many people are on there looking for things to buy. Jewelry in particular does well there.
INSTAGRAM – Another platform that is all about the visual. It is expected that you post selfies and images about what is happening in your life. That’s not always the case … it’s not one I really follow. But it is how many people use it, including those making lots of money from the platform. It is by far the platform that gets the most interaction. And for that reason, you might want to consider it if you haven’t already.
YOUTUBE – Another place you probably want to be. You can do videocam (talking head) videos, powerpoint presentations, or anything else you want to. For total strangers to buy from you, they need to know, like and trust you. A GREAT way to make that happen is on video.
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