A powerful “focusing device for mother’s intuition.” The fastest way I’ve found to fine-tune and enhance intuition.

The Power of Words Conscious Language

The Power of Words - Using Conscious Language to Manifest Your Desires

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How many times have you set goals, visualized your desired outcome, created and repeated positive affirmations, and yet still not achieved what you had hoped? There are numerous potential causes for this. Sometimes it's simply a matter…
How to Develop Psychic Ability

How to Develop Psychic Ability & Intuition: Enhancing Your Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient & Other Subtle Gifts

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Recently I was asked how to develop psychic ability and intuition. I've been immersed in vibrational healing and subtle energies for so long that I forget what a foreign subject it is for most people. We ALL have the ability to SEE, HEAR,…
Negative Energy Protection

Negative Energy Protection - Practical Energy Healing Tools for Everyday Life

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Not everyone is sensitive to negative, detrimental, or disharmonious energy. But everyone can benefit from negative energy protection.  Being able to detect detrimental energies - meaning you can feel it - has little to do with whether it…
Pendulum Dowsing for Divine Direction with Takara

More Dowsing Pendulums

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I spent countless hours at booths at the International New Age Trade Show in Denver, searching out what other dowsing pendulums are available on the market. I was pretty disappointed by most of what I found. The best way I can think…
Pendulum Dowsing Articles at Magnificent U

Pendulum Dowsing Articles at Magnificent U

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Whether you are new to dowsing, or an old pro, I have articles for you. At Magnificent U, we will explore together the wonderful world of dowsing with a pendulum - from the basic fundamentals to highly advanced, specialized applications,…
It's Time to Find Your Tribe of Like Minded Friends

Find Your Tribe, Like-Minded Friends, and Places Where You Belong

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"I'll be offline for a few days ... getting my Faerie on, hanging with zany brainiacs, enjoying the creative wizardry of cosplay and sci-fi/fantasy related gizmos and gadgets, seeing many dear friends and making some new ones." I posted…
Choosing the Best Place to Relocate for the Spiritually-Minded

Choosing the Best Place to Relocate for the Spiritually-Minded

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We were in the middle of a huge discussion about choosing the best place to relocate in one of the groups I lead on Facebook. Moving is something many light workers are called to do on occasion. With that in mind, I thought I would share some…
Daily Harmony Free Meditation by Takara

Free Guided Meditation Daily Harmony by Takara

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Free guided meditation by Debbie "Takara" Shelor Daily Harmony - Free Guided Meditation Takara received through Divine revelation a very powerful exercise called "Daily Harmony" - a free guided meditation that she wishes to share with…
Raise Self Esteem

Fast (and free) Way to Raise Self Esteem

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"I'm so sorry." "I'm sorry." "Please forgive me." Everywhere you go, you hear someone saying these words. Maybe it's even you saying them. Stop it immediately. Please. Especially if you are interested in manifesting your…
What is energy medicine and vibrational healing

What is Vibrational Medicine or Energy Healing?

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Healing Can Be Easy! Wouldn’t it be an ideal world if all we had to do to overcome illness and disease was to lie back and listen to beautiful music? Well it’s not as far-fetched as you may think! From hands-on healers standing next to…