How Givng and Deserving Are You?
Some food for thought …
Someone asked if your partner or friend can’t afford to travel, do you go without them or do you not go at all? They didn’t even offer the third option, which is my choice.
I find questions like that so strange.
My response to that question was this …
“If I want someone’s company, I pay their way as well … with no regrets, resentments, expectations, etc.”
The interesting thing is, most people can’t accept that gift … feeling its “too much” or like they “could never pay it back” (I wasn’t asking them to.) Ultimately it is about deservability.
Can you accept the gifts the Universe sends your way?
Learning to say “yes” when gifts and opportunities show up is very important if you want to actually achieve your dreams and goals.
Buckminster Fuller taught that the law of reciprocity happens at a 90 degree angle. What he meant was … if you give in one direction, you get repaid in kind from a different direction … not the one in which you gave. Most people give to the person in front of them and expect something back from that same person. When you don’t have that expectation, the Universe brings you opportunities and gifts all the time from the most unexpected places. It’s a beautiful thing.
It’s how an endless array of awe-inspiring, unexpected moments become commonplace. But to be in that level of flow with the Universe, you have to open up to the possibility. You have to say “yes” and you have to do it without regret, guilt, or any other negative mental nonsense.
Learn to cherish, relish, savor life.
Of course, if you are the person giving, you genuinely have to be giving without any sort of expectation … other than enjoying the person’s company or seeing the smile on their face as they receive the gift. It’s called unconditional love and it’s a powerful state of being.
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