9 Things You Must Overcome to Manifest Your Desires & Live a Joy-Filled Life

Every personal empowerment workshop, every coaching program, every energy healing session, and every shamanic healing experience, should have as its aim a way to help you identify, heal, and release these 9 things that you must overcome to manifest your desires and live a joy-filled life.

I call them the “9 Veils of IllusionTM” or the “9 Deadly Sins.” They each represent a way of thinking and believing that do not serve you. These ways of perceiving and viewing the world keep you firmly trapped in the life you are currently living. They keep you from becoming the best version of yourself and from having, doing, and experiencing the things you desire … no matter how much you visualize, pray, or how hard you try.

You can’t take all the blame for these 9 disempowering ways of thinking. You’ve been brainwashed since birth to believe much of it to be true.

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Why Do You Have Them?

Some you made up on your own – mostly through trauma drama moments.

But much of it was passed down through your DNA from your ancestors.

And then, as soon as you were born, whatever beliefs, superstition, or dogma your family believed, they began teaching it to you. Depending on where you live in the world and whatever training you received in school, in religious studies, in social circles, at home, with your friends, through television, news, books you’ve read programs you’ve watched, pretty much everywhere you go, you take on beliefs whether or not they are actually true.

Most major religions have a teaching in there somewhere that says God prefers men over women. So the majority of people born female automatically face significant worthiness issues. The Inquisition didn’t help. Fear of displeasing God is a paralyzing fear for many. And, like I mentioned earlier, these fears are literally passed down through the DNA. It’s now been proven scientifically.

Of course, God does not prefer men over women. The Divine Creator, by whatever name, has no favorites. You can get into alignment with Divine flow or you can stay stuck in mediocrity and struggle (because of the 9 deadly sins) and be out of Divine flow, but the Universe, All that Is, Great Spirit, God, Allah, loves you regardless.

You are a spark of Divinity having a human experience. You are an emanation of Creator. So, of course, Creator loves you.

In the ancient religions passed down through generations of fearful superstitious people, the belief is that the Supreme deity requires sacrifice and is highly judgmental. Certain religious institutions teach that you must do certain things or you will be damned for all eternity. What an extraordinary level of control and financial abundance that has successfully created for religion.

The Divine delights in its creation …. of which you are part. You are loved and worthy every second of every day by your mere existence … regardless of your gender. There is nothing to prove, become, or do required. It’s a huge hurdle of beliefs to move past and often requires support of some kind. But the level of freedom and flow made available to you when you embrace the notion of appreciating, honoring and aligning with the Divine out of love vs. fear is monumental.

Fear and limiting beliefs are only two of the 9 things keeping you from manifesting your desires. So, what about the rest?

The 9 Veils of IllusionTM or 9 Deadly Sins (the Things you Must Overcome to Manifest Your Desires)

  • Fear – humans fear rejection, that they are unworthy and unlovable, that they can’t do something, and a million other things. They are afraid of heights, spiders, being abandoned, not being enough, not being good enough, of being a bad person, and so much more. Fear keeps you firmly stuck in mediocrity.
  • Limiting Beliefs – beliefs about how life is, how you are, how other people are, and about the Divine (God by all the various names).
  • Judgments – humans pretty much judge everything as right and wrong, good and bad. Discernment is one thing. Judgment is something else entirely. Discernment comes without emotion. Judgment always has an emotion with it. Often severe judgments are based on fear and limiting beliefs. Judging all people of a certain race or religion as being a certain way comes from that place. Many people spend so much of their day observing others and judging their behavior as right or wrong, good or bad, they forget to live their own life.
  • Expectations – having a strong opinion about how people are to behave, including yourself, and how situations are supposed to be and getting really bent out of shape when people don’t behave that way or situations don’t look the way you believe they should.
  • Attachments to Outcomes – having a specific desire and thinking it needs to happen a certain way. The more regimented you are in the way you feel every day “must” be, the more upset you become when it isn’t. People not showing up on time, cars breaking down, computers not working right just mean it’s time to head in a new direction and flow with the moment. You have to learn to let it go and be fully in the now.
  • Guilt – feeling terrible about the “shoulds.” Things you feel you should have done or you should not have done. Or things you should do. When you take actions out of guilt, there is no joy, there is no fulfillment, there is only obligation. Guilt serves no one ever!
  • Shame – there is a lot of discussion at the moment about rape. Most rape victims feel ashamed of the experience (even though it was completely beyond your control). Many people feel shame over many things.
  • Blame – shit happens (pardon the language). People behave certain ways, situations happen certain ways and people get their feelings or body hurt and feel like victims. That is a normal response. However, until you can stop being angry or stop being sad, heal, forgive, and move on, you are firmly stuck. Feel the feelings fully, journal them, write them down and burn them in a candle or fire or do whatever ritual you need to do to release this stuff.
  • Victimhood – there are a lot of situations in the world today where a person feels victimized. I feel that is a legitimate feeling.  However, just like blame, you have to heal it and move on. Staying stuck in victimhood is a sure way to create more situations where you are victimized. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

9 Things to Overcome to Manifest Your Desires

I could talk all day about each of these things. But the bottom line is we all have most of these running in our subconscious mind. That is where all the real work is to grow and evolve personally and spiritually, to find your joy, to find fulfillment, to have meaningful relationships and a career you love.

In this interview, I discuss some of them in more depth. I also talk about MANY ways to address all these issues:

If the interview, I talk about the power of meditation and how powerful it can be in shifting out of these 9 Veils of IllusionTM or 9 Deadly Sins. Get my 2 free Guided Meditations to help you achieve the theta brainwave state I mention in the video.

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