Energy Healing and Enlightenment

Energy Healing and Enlightenment go hand in hand!

As you may or may not be aware, the energy system inside and surrounding your body is every bit as real and vital as your skeleton, heart, and other organs. That means your aura (energy field around your body), chakras (energy centers both major and minor as well as those beyond the physical body), the meridian system and more have to be in good working order. Whatever happens with your energy system impacts your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing … and vice versa.

This energy system is greatly impacted by three things:

  • internal factors
  • external factors
  • fragmentation factors

We work with each of these extensively in my energy healing programs.

Internal factors include your physical, mental, & emotional health. That means everything you eat, think, feel, and do is either positively or negatively impacting your energy system and your overall wellbeing. The mental factors include what I call the 9 Veils of IllusionTM or 9 Deadly Sins of wrong thinking.

External factors are the energies you encounter in the environment and from other people.

Fragmentation involves the things that can cause major disruption in the energy system.

Internal factors and fragmentation require healing.

External factors require energetic clearing and shielding. There are those who say that clearing and shielding are not required. And, at a certain level of vibration and enlightenment, that’s true. However, since the majority of people on this planet (more than 80%) are not at that vibration level, ignoring their need for clearing and shielding is doing them a huge disservice.

The earth plane is a land of lessons. Every upset offers an opportunity to see the false beliefs, fears, etc. still contained within your subconscious mind … those things screaming to be addressed.

To experience Energy Healing & Enlightenment, you have to ask certain questions …

In this time of the great awakening, you have to ask yourself:

  • am I happy,
  • am I fulfilled,
  • does my life have meaning,
  • am I achieving my life purpose,
  • is my every thought and action about me and my needs and desires or do I consider how I can positively impact others and the future of our planet?

It’s so easy to ignore the subtle signs sent every day by your Higher Self and guides … those gentle nudges trying to get you to pay attention to how you really feel and what you really want. And to notice if that’s what you are living each day or if you are settling for a mundane, less meaningful life.

The choice is entirely up to you!

But, deciding you want to personally evolve and live a life of meaning takes courage. It also means that you have to be willing to look at all the factors mentioned previously … and do something about them.

That often requires help.

Get the Help You Need!

I’ve opened up a couple of additional slots in my coaching calendar for those truly ready for a radical life change and want my ongoing personal support to work with the Trifecta of TransformationTM and address the various internal, external, and fragmentation factors standing in their way. Email me ( to get started.

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