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Healers are Born, Not Made – How to Tell!

I believe true healers are born, not made. I’m sure there are those who might disagree. And that’s fine. It’s their prerogative.

A person is entitled to believe whatever they desire. That’s one of the many beautiful things about being human. We can have our own set of beliefs and others can as well. It’s delicious. And it’s why many of us are here … to experience such things.

On to the idea at hand …

I’ve often said that you can put 100 people in a room, teach them all Reiki or another of the thousands of healing modalities available, and only two will come out of the room a true healer. But I believe that’s because they went in as one already. They just didn’t know it yet. The class they took awakened their innate abilities. It’s now their job to enhance and fine-tune those innate gifts for the betterment of humanity.

“Called” to be a Healer

Some of us are “called” to be healers.

What I mean by that is we have a moment of insight, a mystical experience, an initiation, or something else when it suddenly dawns on us that this is what we are here for. Personally, I’ve had many such experiences. And what I’m here for is a diamond with many facets … meaning there are many aspects to what I’m here to do to help humanity evolve. All of it involves healing, transformation, and enlightenment.

There are those who hear a Divine voice telling them who they are and their life’s mission. Others have a deep inner knowing and conviction that sticks with them throughout their life. Many, like myself, have a mystical experience that changes their life forever. The first time something like that happened for me, I was only 14. And such experiences have continued to this day. It was one of those “in a blink of an eye,” I suddenly heard with new ears and saw with new eyes type of moments.

In indigenous cultures, there are signs like being struck by lightning that signal a person has been chosen to be a healer, medicine person, shaman, etc. And their training begins immediately.

Most western societies have no such system in place. So, it is up to the one being “called” to find their path. Intuition plays a major role in that.

Following Your Divine Life Path

Finding the courage to follow where that path leads … well, that’s the stuff of legend.

I found the courage. And I know you can as well. If you weren’t a person who had been “called” to be of service in some way, healing or otherwise, I doubt you would feel compelled to read this newsletter.

Intuition in its many forms (there are at least 11) can be activated, fine-tuned, and enhanced within all of us. I often help others to do precisely that.

The same is true of healing abilities. We all have the innate ability to clear our energy system, within and around our physical bodies, open the seals on our various chakras (including those in our hands), and utilize higher frequencies from beyond the veil to assist ourselves and others.

But, to truly be of the most benefit to yourself and others, you can’t just go through the motions of whatever you learned in a class one day, weekend, week, or even longer-term program.

Who Are the Best Healers?

The most effective healing never works like that. It comes from:

  • a healer who has been “called” to be of service in that way,
  • a healer who is highly intuitive,
  • a healer who is clear (body, mind, and energy system),
  • a healer who is as high vibrationally as possible (there is a LOT involved in making that happen),
  • a healer who diligently consistently works to expand in consciousness and awareness,
  • a healer who is becoming more and more and more whole (a lot is involved with that as well),
  • a healer who regularly (daily or multiple times a day) goes into the silence, accesses higher dimensions, etc.,
  • a healer who knows when they need help and have others they go to for their own healing and personal evolution,
  • a healer who followers their intuition during sessions and does and says whatever they feel guided in the moment to say or do for their client (from an unconditional loving, nurturing, caring selfless place),
  • a healer who can lovingly listen without judgement to anything a client shares,
  • a healer who never does a session for someone when they are feeling “off,” upset, angry, etc., and
  • a client who is open, receptive, ready, trusts the healer, and whose soul has determined that it’s time for them to experience healing and transformation.

When you’ve done enough of the above, people can simply be in your presence and healing can occur … without you having to think or do anything in particular. The healing happens through you, not by you.

I remember the first time I was in the presence of Anne Hughes (an extraordinary woman … a true embodiment of the Divine). It was 1998 in a beautiful villa in Southern California.

She never raised her hands to do any sort of energy healing kind of thing. She just gazed into my eyes and talked gently and lovingly to me. I could feel a million things going on inside my body simply by being in her presence and listening to her voice.

I was fascinated and asked what she was “really” doing. She explained that my chakras were being cleared and aligned, latent codes were being turned on and activated, things were being cleared out of my body and energy field. I don’t remember the other things she said about the work she was doing with me in the unseen.

I’ll never forget what she said next though … “You can do what I do.” I was flabbergasted. Yet, I felt deep within the truth of her words.

From that moment forward, I made it my life’s mission to become clear enough, high enough vibrationally, whole enough, etc. to hold the level of frequency and wisdom to be able to do what Anne could do. Basically, I set out to become the living embodiment and radiance of my Higher Self.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you set a goal like that and stick with it for decades.

Am I perfect? Of course not. I’m in a human body having a human experience … just like everyone else.

Can I access multiple dimensions and bring in extraordinary energies and information from on high? I can indeed. According to famous oracle Cyndie Lepori, I’m access 144 dimensions and all the planes and energies therein. Other famous oracles have said similar things.

Dolphin Energy Healing – My Dolphin Ministry

More than one has called me the Dolphin Queen. A famous channel was doing a ceremony to ordain my then husband in a particular path of esoteric wisdom. After his ordination was complete, she suddenly and unexpectedly turned to me and began to channel (the Maha Chohan) ordaining me into my “dolphin ministry.” The dolphin-angels had been coming to me in meditation since 1993 and “downloading” to me various energy healing tools, technologies, and insights ever since. So, the “dolphin ministry” designation made sense.

My clients and students can tell you just how amazingly and intensely they are able to feel the energies I bring through during classes and private sessions. Healing energies are even infused into the words I share on paper and digitally. My intention with each message is that it be a beautiful blessing for you … including this one.

But this article isn’t about me. It’s about you …. heeding the “call” when it comes. You too have a “calling,” a Divine mission, a sacred ministry. My role is simply to help you discover it, embrace it, embody and fulfill it.

What is Your Calling?

What are you being called to do?

Who are you being called to be?

Even if you don’t know yet, the seed of knowing is already there. It was there when you were born. It was an intention you set before this incarnation.

You Do Have a Life Purpose

Someone asked me recently about who I am and what is my value. I replied with, “I’m here to help people discover and become the beautiful, powerful, magical being they are inside. I’m here to help them discover their unique gifts and talents, their intuitive and healing abilities, their passion, their purpose, and their joy.”

The very famous person who asked the question “lost it.” I mean they went on a rant about people have no purpose. “No one has a purpose,” and on and on she ranted. It seems that I had “aggravated her demons” … meaning pushed a very uncomfortable button. That type of thing typically happens when someone is trying desperately to avoid something. I’d say she has received a calling and is doing her best to ignore it.

You don’t have to heed a “call” from the Divine.

But it is what your soul intended when you entered the earth plane. It is part of what you intended to accomplish while living this earthly life.

It may be to become an energy healer.

Or it may be to do something else entirely.

Benefits of Energy Healing?

You might be wonder if healing isn’t necessarily your life’s purpose, why should you learn how to do one of the many different energy healing modalities … including the ones I teach.

I believe that energy healing can assist everyone.

It is particularly helpful for:

  • releasing blocks and limitations,
  • accelerating recovery from injury or surgery (studies prove this),
  • making sure that energy is moving throughout your energy system and your body properly (allowing all the cells and organs to function at their best. Of course, enough rest, great food, pure water, sunshine, etc. are also required),
  • getting in tune with higher vibrations and the Divine, and
  • reducing pain (again backed up by studies).

Those things can help everyone.

And working with energy healing helps you raise your vibration every single day. If you are focused on your spiritual evolution, then that is an important part of your spiritual path.

You Don’t Have to Be a Healer to Work with Energy Healing Tools

There are lots of tools that can do the energy healing work for you … crystals, sacred sound, color therapy, and many other vibrational tools exist and can provide great benefit.

Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature

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Dancing Dolphin Essences are extremely high in vibration. Some say, they are the highest vibrational healing tools they have ever experienced.

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