Do you lack confidence how can I gain confidence improve self esteem

Do You Lack Confidence & Success? Time to Do Something About It!

The Universe gives me insights about many things including what to do if you lack confidence.

You are so much more than this simple earthly life. You are a child of the Universe and a being of great Light. You may be a starseed, an incarnate angel, or have aspects of those and much more as part of the totality of who you really are.

But … we have to deal with the ordinary sometimes before we can become and achieve the extraordinary.

When I say “the Universe,” I’m referring to God (I prefer the term Divine Presence), my Higher Self (The Divine Self, the I Am Presence), personal guides including the multidimensional dolphin-angels I work with, and the overlighting team of support I have for particular projects or books. All of my books, energy healing tools, and programs contain multi-dimensional energy and information.

For this article, I was guided to share with you insights about confidence, self-esteem, and worthiness.

If You Lack Confidence, This is What it Stems From

Many issues related to those qualities come from early childhood. The core of how you feel about yourself is often a direct result of how you were treated, or what you observed, when you were still in the womb or a young child. Almost 30 years ago, one of my first teachers handed me a book called Voices From the Womb. It was deeply eye opening.

Other negative opinions about self come from past lives, are passed down by your ancestors, and other limiting beliefs get added on over the years from traumas you experience and from being mistreated (or believing that you were mistreated) by strangers, lovers, friends, enemies, bosses, parents, corporations, etc.

Religions teachings often leave people with feelings of guilt, shame, and never feeling good enough. And, if you are in a female body, there is the whole notion that God (by whatever name) favors men … meaning you will never measure up … ever, no matter what you do.

Sadly, in the U.S. and other locations, the color of your skin or your religion can affect how you will be treated by some people. These prejudices are often handed down from generation to generation and the resulting pain caused by these prejudices are also handed down. I’ve truly never understood how anyone can hate or mistreat another just because they are different than themselves. But that is a discussion for another day.

A study I read many years ago showed that a child can enter grade school with high self-esteem. But by the time they graduate, their self-esteem has plummeted. All the competition, not measuring up, not achieving the desired grades, bullying and being ridiculed by your peers, being publicly humiliated, not being part of the “cool” crowd, and other negative experiences that happen in the school environment result in a poor sense of self.

Time to Stop Blaming Your Parents

Yes, many issues with confidence and success could be avoided altogether if parents were better at parenting.

But, since no one is perfect and there are as many parenting styles as there are parents, many fall short … sometimes horribly. Now that you are grown, continuing to feel like a victim and blaming something or someone serves no purpose other than keeping you stuck, small, and not living up to your potential.

You have to decide that you’ve had enough of feeling limited and unfulfilled, and you have to take charge of making sure things shift.

If you want to grow and evolve personally and spiritually, then releasing the things holding you at a lower vibration and out of tune with your Divine nature and frequency MUST be addressed and released.

Prayer alone will never be enough!

Prayer alone will never be enough to shift your finances, your relationships, your level of happiness or success. Prayer is just step #1 in a series of necessary steps.

When you pray, meditate, affirm, declare, invoke, beg (you get the idea), there is ALWAYS a response in the form of an inner nudge (Divine intuitive guidance) to do something, say something, change something.

The nudge can come as a voice, an inner knowing, an image or video flash inside your mind, words in a book or on a screen, something said by a stranger. It can come in many different and unexpected ways.

Heeding the insight and taking the action is always up to you. No one else can change your mind, your heart, or your behavior.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

Sometimes the actions needed can be done in the mind. It can be as simple as doing an energy healing and mind exercise (like those in the Dancing Dolphin WayTM)  that bring in powerful Divine healing energies and help the brain repattern to more empowering beliefs as well as shift energies in the body and the energy field. They help you move beyond your past and regain your sense of self-esteem, confidence, and worthiness. The Theta Brainwave technology used in the guided visualizations and meditations are profound at making deep and lasting shifts in perception, consciousness, and letting go of the past.

Until you feel worthy of health, happiness, and/or success, you simply won’t ever achieve it … not to the degree that you desire. Or, if you do … it is highly likely to be short lived. Money may come in, but then there will be an immediate need for it, and it will be gone. I’m sure you’ve seen patterns like that in your life before. Very few lottery winners are able to hold on to the money for very long.

One of the reasons I love the Dancing Dolphin technologies (energy healing products like Dancing Dolphin Essences and programs) so much is because they address issues on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Addressing an issue with only one of those rarely results in lasting change. But, addressing all of them simultaneously can be truly profound and life changing.

If you want your life to change and to feel more confident, have greater self esteem and feel worthy of the success, happiness, love, or other dreams you desire, you have to shift things in a fundamental way.

Richard Gerber MD says in Vibrational Medicine (known as the bible of Energy Healing) that flower essences are the epitome of energy healing methods addressing things on all levels:

  • physical body
  • acupuncture meridicians
  • etheric body
  • astral body
  • mental body
  • causal body
  • etheric chakras
  • astral chakras
  • mental chakras

Dancing Dolphin Essences begin as a flower or gem essence and then take things a whole lot further (to a whole new level or octave as I like to say) adding sound healing, multi-dimensional healing frequencies including dolphin-angel frequencies, and other healing energies I “bring in” to each formula as a multi-dimensional channel.

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