Channeling by David J. Adams

Angel Channeling by David J. Adams – Pendragon Meditation Circle 2012 December 10th


(The Angel Channeling begins … the circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan Bowls, the Tingsha bells, and the Blessings Chimes.)

We embrace the joyful vibration of the Tibetan bowls and the Tingsha bells, and we welcome the Loving Sound of the Blessings Chimes.  Feel the vibration of Blessing flowing through every aspect of your Being, and know within your Hearts that you are blessed at all times through your Higher Self, by all those in Spirit that work with you. Feel now the embrace of their Blessings Vibrating, Sounding, filling every Dimension of your Being.

For Dear Ones, when you feel blessed, you gift those blessings to all those around you.  Your light, that touches all those around you, is filled with the Essence of Blessing.

Feel it, embrace it, love it, but most of all, share the energy of Blessing with all upon the Earth, all of Humanity, all of the creatures of the Earth, all of the creatures of the Oceans.  Simply reach out from your Heart and embrace with your Blessings, and you will change the colour vibrations of all those around you, for Sound and Colour combine to create an energy of Joyfulness that is catching, that infuses the very air that you breathe. 

Allow your Hearts to beat out the rhythm of Blessing. 

This is a time of great change, of shifting of Dimensions, and it is an important time to remind ourselves of the wondrous beauty of simply Blessing ourselves, and others.

Do not focus upon your linear dates, Dear Ones, these can be a distraction.  Focus instead on the deepest part of your Heart, and allow the Blessings to flow from you to share with others, for as you move from one Dimension to another, the quality and the power of your Blessings increases.

It becomes a Liquid Gold that flows through all of life.  Imagine it in your minds.  Imagine the flow of Liquid Gold coursing through your veins, through your body, flowing out into the Universe, blessing everything it touches, for as it touches it uplifts, it opens the Hearts of ALL to the Joyfulness, enabling you to see the Divineness in everything.

You see Dear Ones, Blessing is not something that someone does to you that is above you.  It is simply something that is shared with you by equals, for Blessing is the true frequency of love

Place all those within your Heart that you wish to bless at this time.  Place the whole Earth within your Hearts, and bless the Earth also, and see the flow of Golden Light embracing every part of the Earth, every Being on and within the Earth, and feel the upliftment in Spirit.

Reach out, SHARE, be ONE with ALL THAT IS. 

It is so important at the beginning of this new cycle for the Earth that the dominant energy shall be the energy of Blessing; the radiant Love and Joy that allows you to touch others with your energies of Blessing.

So let us take a moment and listen once more to the sound of the Blessings Chimes.

(Krista moves around the circle Sounding the Blessings Chimes above each person’s head)

Feel yourself uplifted on wings of gossamer as you move across the Earth, casting your Blessings to everyone, to every Being, to every Crystal, filling the Earth with the energies of BLESSINGS.

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