Channeling by David J. Adams

The Angelic Hosts Channeling by David J. Adams – Pendragon Meditation Circle 2013 February 18th


(The Angelic Hosts Channeling begins … the circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan Bowls, the Tingsha bells, and the Blessings Chimes.)

Feel the vibrations of Sound moving deeply into your Heart and lifting to the surface the Healing energies of Love, and allow those Healing energies of Love to expand and radiate forth to touch all those upon the Earth who are in need of healing at this time, and to radiate forth deep into the Earth the Healing energies of Love, allowing the Earth itself to know that Humanity deeply Loves the Home we share – although at times we may not display that Love in a way that is appropriate – we call to the Heart of the Earth to know that we are ONE with the Earth, and we embrace the Earth with the Healing power of Love. 

And at this time of great change we also radiate the healing energies of Love to all our Spiritual friends, to all our Cosmic friends, to all our Soul family, for this is a time for coming into Oneness, and working together to empower the Light within each individual, to empower the Light within each cell and each atom of every Being upon the Planet and the Planet itself.

The Earth has shifted into the Dimension of Oneness, of Unity, but it will take time for those upon the Earth to catch up with the realities of Oneness after so many lifetimes of working within the Dimension of Duality, where we created divisions amongst ourselves, where we created judgment of good and bad, and where we perceived every moment of our existence within those judgments. 

So, as we are in this transitory period – this phase – we will often find that we continue within our minds to perceive the happenings in our lives as being good or bad, and react accordingly, but Enlightenment Dear Ones is not necessarily the ability to dispose of that method of judgment, Enlightenment is the acknowledgement that it is happening, and we are aware of it happening within ourselves, and the moment we become aware of it happening we can choose to change our perspectives and our perceptions, and we can look again at the happenings within our lives, and we can perceive them purely and simply as ‘opportunities’, opportunities to create more growth, more awareness, and more Love within ourselves and within Humanity.

So do not criticise yourselves when your initial reaction is the old way of judging good and bad, instead, congratulate yourself for being aware that this is what you are doing.  Congratulate yourself for allowing this understanding to create the opportunity to look a second time and choose the way of Oneness, where all events and all happenings are simply opportunities in our lives.

There will continue to be periods of letting go, and these can sometimes be painful, but once you change your perspective, change your attitude to what is happening in your life – to one of ‘opportunity’ instead of ‘judgement’, you will feel a new Lightness of Spirit within you, and you will feel it easier and easier to let go of the pain, the denseness of energy that such judgments create.

The Dimension of Oneness is the Dimension of Light and Love, and progressively as you move deeper and deeper into the Dimension of Oneness, you will judge less and less, and you will accept more and more, and you will perceive every moment of every day of your life as a new and beautiful opportunity to create magical things in your lives – for Love is magic, and you are the Magicians.

So step forward into your future filled with Joy, filled with Light, filled with Love and create the Peace, the Harmony, and the Serenity that the earth was intended to be.

Dear Hearts, focus deep within yourselves, feel the Love, embrace the Light, and KNOW you are a part of the New Earth Dimension, you are a part of the Oneness of all that is, and you will create a life of joy and beauty through the Magic of Love in your Heart.

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