Channeling by David J. Adams

Ar’Ak Channeling by David J. Adams – Pendragon Meditation Circle 2014 June 2nd




(Ar’Ak Channeling begins … the circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan Bowls, the Tingsha bells, and the Blessings Chimes.)

Embrace the presence of each person within this Circle tonight with the deepest Love and Joy. BECOME the ONENESS of the CIRCLE, a power beyond your individual power, the power of Unity and ONENESS, and within this Unity send forth your energies of Love to all those upon the Earth, all those within the Earth and all those beyond the Earth, for you are now working in ONENESS and UNITY, each of you a unique part of the WHOLE. FEEL that Unity within yourself, FEEL yourselves expand, becoming more powerful within your individuality through the UNITY AND ONENESS OF ALL THAT IS.

Greetings, Dear Hearts, I am Ar’Ak, Cosmic brother of this One through whom I speak.  I have been invited into this Circle tonight to speak to you of what is to come in the days and weeks ahead in your time.  You are approaching another major confluence of energies, an opportunity to focus your Love, your Light, your Joy, and your Peace on a single part of your world, and through the wonders of your communication systems to send those energies out across the world.

I remind you of the last occasion that this opportunity arose, when many countries of the world gathered in South Africa for the World Cup of Football, and SOUND was used to create a new resonance throughout the whole of the Earth.  Another such occasion is on the horizon, the World Cup of Football once more, this time in the country you call Brazil, a great crystalline country.

You are reminded of the 3 crystals within your Earth that form the Flame, the 3 Fold Flame – the crystal that resonates blue light, the crystal that resonates purple light, and the crystal which resonates Gold Light.  This last crystal terminates in Brazil at one side of the world and at Arltunga in Central Australia on the other side of the world, and it is through this crystal that radiates Gold Light that you will be able to focus your energy and impact the Earth at the time of this gathering together of energies.

As you have already been told by this One, the focus of this World Cup are the words ‘We Are One’.  It is a festival of Unity, a festival of ONENESS, and I ask you to focus your energies at this time on that part of your Earth.  You may have no interest what so ever in the sport of Football, it simply provides an opportunity for you to create an energy that the rest of the world will tap into for that period of time, a substantial period of time when all the world will be looking to Brazil, and the Gold Light of the crystal will touch each Heart that connects.

Those of you here in Australia may wish to connect with Arltunga to empower your energies more, because as you are aware this crystal that radiates Gold Light moves through the centre of the Earth connecting the two continents, connecting the two countries and radiating Gold Light.

So open your Hearts, Dear Hearts, focus your attention on Brazil, focus your Love, your Joy, and most of all your energies of Peace, that those energies may be magnified by the crystalline structures of that country, amplified and sent out across the Earth. 

The 3 Fold Flame will move into the Hearts of everyone that connects to this festival of ONENESS, and the whole of the Earth will be uplifted. 

For although this is a competition, it will none the less bring people together. There will be the Oneness, the Unity, and the Gold Light.  You will see much colour, much Joy, much excitement, music, dance, Joyfulness welling up from all those participating and circling the Earth, lifting the spirits of the downtrodden, lifting the quotient of Light upon and within the Earth Planet.

Take a moment now to focus the power of this Circle on the country you call Brazil, and lay the foundations for a time of great Love and great Joy. 

It is not by accident, Dear Hearts, that the team from your country Australia has been the first to arrive in Brazil, connecting up the two end points of the crystal that radiates forth the Gold Light.

Feel yourselves becoming a part of the vibration of that Gold Light and empower it for the WELLBEING of the WHOLE OF THE EARTH.

(Note: the focus of  “We are One” refers to the Official FIFA World Cup song of that name. )

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