Channeling by David J. Adams

Ar’Ak Channeling by David J. Adams – Pendragon Meditation Circle 2014 November 3rd


(Ar’Ak Channeling begins … the circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan Bowls, the Tingsha bells, and the Blessings Chimes.)

Focus your eyes on the Rainbow of Light before you on the table.  Draw each individual Light into the very centre of your Being, and allow it to pulse through your body, creating a Rainbow of Light through every cell of your Being. Absorb each colour one by one and allow them to move to that Chakra which requires that colour at this time.

The Rainbow is the essence of ONENESS, bringing together the whole spectrum of colour into ONE UNION within your Heart.

Now close your eyes but still see those coloured Lights vibrating before you, within you, around you, Blessing you with each pulsation of Light Frequency.

Greetings, Dear Hearts, I am Ar’Ak, Cosmic brother of this one.

I come to you tonight as a Rainbow from the Cosmos, bringing to each of you the bright colours of the Stars and the Planets of YOUR Universe and of the Cosmos as a whole. You have already absorbed at the time of your Equinox the New Sound of the Earth, the beautiful Sound Frequencies of Light, and now, Dear Hearts, cascading down upon your Earth Planet is the colour vibrations of the Rainbow of the Cosmos. There are many colours within this rainbow that you have never seen before, for within the limits of the Earth Planet there are only a few colour vibrational frequencies that are visible to your Human eyes, but it does not matter that you can not see the brilliant colours of the Cosmic Rainbow, you are still influenced by their vibration, and they bring to you now and to the Earth Planet now a new enhanced colour frequency to uplift the Hearts of everyone upon the Earth.

They come to work in Harmony with the New Song of the Earth, the new Sound Frequencies, each Sound becomes a colour, each note becomes a colour, and together they create a dance of unbelievable Light across your Planet. You know, Dear Hearts, when the sun pulsates out enormous waves of Light, your Earth’s atmosphere changes that into colourful spectrums of Light at your Poles. You have seen them, or seen photographs of them, the Northern Lights and the Southern Lights, colours you do not normally see, and this is the Light from your Sun coming together with the atmosphere of your Earth that is creating these.

So imagine, Dear Hearts, the pulsations of Light from the Cosmos coming together with the atmosphere of the Earth to create a Cosmic Rainbow, a Rainbow of ONENESS and yet a Rainbow of DIVERSITY, indeed, Dear Hearts, within the Rainbow is the essence of Diversity, The Unification of this Diversity is much needed upon the Earth at this time.  All too often Humanity regards difference as threatening, when in reality difference, diversity, is something to be embraced. It is a gift to you, each new colour whether this be the colour of a Being or the colour of a Rainbow has the potential to create great Joy within YOU, IF YOU DO BUT ALLOW IT !

You know, Dear Hearts, that you are going through considerable change upon the Earth Planet, and within yourselves, and part of this change is the acceptance of Diversity. This is of critical importance to Humanity ! – The acceptance of Diversity.  The Rainbow teaches you this in a very visual way, as you see the rainbows with your eyes you look for the differences in colours, but you do not dismiss any particular colour, you accept ALL.

CAN YOU ACCEPT ALL WITHIN HUMANITY ? That is the question you have to ask yourselves. As you look around the Earth at the changing times, can you open your Hearts to ALL upon the Earth ? can you accept the Diversity, and embrace the Joy of differences ? and not feel threatened ?

It is so easy, Dear Hearts, on your Planet to create the energy of Fear, but YOU, the wayshowers, you KNOW that the future is LOVE, and LOVE can only BE if you accept the Diversity of ALL THAT IS. The ONENESS of ALL THAT IS, is also the Diversity of ALL THAT IS.

So I ask you tonight to focus on the Rainbow of Light before you, and in your Heart allow that to expand to accept the greater Rainbow of Light from the Cosmos, to enhance the Sound Frequencies that have already been gifted, and allow your Heart to Sing  the Song of the Earth, to Sing the Song of the Rainbow, to embrace – with LOVE – the Diversity upon your Earth Planet.

You find it easy to accept the Diversity in nature, the different trees that may be part of your woodlands and your forests, WHY is it so hard to accept the Diversity within Humanity itself ?

It is time, Dear Hearts, to embrace the Rainbow of Humanity, to let go the judgements of the past, and to FEEL the Divine Love and Divine Peace within your Heart, expanding into your minds and allowing you to see the beauty of Diversity within the Rainbow of Humanity

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