Channeling by David J. Adams

Ar’Ak Channeling by David J. Adams – Pendragon Meditation Circle 2011 December 5th


(Ar’Ak Channeling begins … the circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan Bowls, the Tingsha bells, and the Blessings Chimes.)

Allow those sound vibrations to flow deep into your Being, uplifting the energies of Joy within yourself.

Feel the pulsation of Joy flowing through every fibre of your Being.  Feel any anchors to the past that are no longer necessary for your stability to flow away, to release you into the energies of Joy, and the energies of Love.

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Ar’Ak – Spirit Brother to this one through whom I speak tonight.

I come to speak to you about ‘Home’ – a subject that is much on the minds of many on your Planet at this time as you move towards what is perceived as the end times, the coming together of a number of cycles ending.  It is not of course the end times, merely the change of times.

As you feel the energies of these times flowing to you, uplifting you – your thoughts perhaps turn to home.  I need to remind you Dear Ones that you are living in the dimension of illusion – the illusion of separateness, and it is within this illusion that you create the concept of home as being some place outside of yourselves.

The reality of course Dear Ones is that you are the home you are seeking to reach.  For you see, home is simply the creation of oneness within yourself.

Each one of you has a signature vibration, a vibration of Light that defines your origin.

In your world of illusion and separateness, you perceive that vibration as some distant Planet or distant Star or even a distant Sun and of course this is partially correct, as all illusions are partially correct.

You see, home is the oneness of your frequency.

From the time you came to this Planet of denseness, you have been journeying home, moving slowly, but inevitable into higher and higher frequencies of Light, and you will be home when you achieve the Quotient of Light within yourself that resonates with your original Light Quotient.

The physical aspects of Planets and Stars are merely visions of these resonances of Light.  For those who perhaps may believe they come from the Pleiades, what they are knowing deep within themselves, is that they resonate at the Quotient of Light appropriate for that particular system, but that system is within you!

Everything, external to yourself that you perceive, exists within you.

You have moved from your Planet on many occasions to rest, to recuperate, to plan your next journey, or next portion of your journey, for it is but a single journey divided into many sections.

I ask you tonight to think of Home, to feel the vibration of Home deep within yourself, and to focus on raising your energy, raising your Quotient of Light to that level of resonance that is Home.

You do not need to leave this Planet in order to achieve your journey Home, you merely need to let go of the illusion of separateness.  You need to reach into your Heart and know the level of Light that is required within you to become ‘Home’ once more.

This Dear Ones, is why whenever you think of Home, your Heart leaps, your Heart expands – for in your Heart you know you are already Home.  You have simply not yet acknowledged the level of Light within yourself that you seek.

It is all within you Dear Ones.  As you approach the end times, this time of great change, focus totally on the Light and the Love within your own Hearts, and embrace the Home you yearn for.

It is not out there in the Cosmos Dear Ones, it is in there in the Cosmos of your Heart.  Feel it now, embrace it now, and experience the upliftment of becoming ONE within yourself.  Experience the upliftment of being Home once more.

I give you my Blessings.  I give you my Love, and I thank you for sharing your lives and your visions with me and with others, but most of all, with yourselves.

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