Channeling by David J. Adams

Ar’Ak Channeling by David J. Adams – Pendragon Meditation Circle 2015 October 12th

LOVE what you see as you look out into the Cosmos, LOVE what you see when you look out across your Earth, LOVE IT UNCONDITIONALLY  AND IT WILL LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY.

(Ar’Ak Channeling begins … the circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan Bowls, the Tingsha bells, and the Blessings Chimes.)

Feel the vibration of Sound activating every Light Particle within your Being, enabling you to become a Star within your own Physical Cosmos, pulsating outwards the Light of Magenta Peace and Divine Love from within your Heart, to share those vibrations of Peace and Love with all others upon the Earth Planet and all others throughout the Cosmos. For the Light you shine from within your Heart spreads out into the Cosmos and it connects and melds and joins with all the other Stars in the Cosmos and flows back into your Heart, empowered, increasing your own Light frequencies and you become a part of this beautiful wave of energy from Earth to Cosmos, from Cosmos to Earth, A PART OF THE CYCLE OF LOVE.

Greetings, Dear Hearts, I am Ar’Ak, Cosmic brother of this one.

It is so good to be back with you once more, and to feel the powerful energies of change that are radiating forth from deep within the Earth Planet, and from deep within each and every one of YOU. We know it is difficult for you to see the Light that you are emitting, but WE can see and feel these Light Vibrations, these Love Energies, as they build and build within the whole of the Earth and within ALL of Humanity.

You are constantly being reminded that you are in a time of great change upon the Earth Planet, and sometimes it is easy for you not to be able to see this. Your world continues to focus upon the shadow side of itself, for that is where you have been living and where you have been looking for so long, for you have not yet completely changed your perspectives and your perceptions to look for and find the Light and the Love in everything around you, but this WILL happen, Dear Hearts.

You are moving quickly into new Light Frequencies, Earth Mother has opened HER Heart with the Magenta Light, and now the Hearts of Humanity are also being opened and awakened with their own Magenta Light, and you are connecting to each other on different frequencies of Light and Sound.  This WILL uplift you in time, but time is not days or hours or minutes, time is simply the NOW, and the NOW is eternal, so do not judge what is happening upon the Earth in terms of your calendars  or your diaries, judge what is happening upon the Earth through your Heart, through the energies of Love and Light that you are beginning to sense from all around you.

As you feel uplifted by the energies flowing into the Earth at this time, you too are uplifting the rest of the Earth, and the Cosmos beyond the Earth.

You are receiving interesting glimpses of what the Cosmos offers, what other Planetary systems offer, Your astronomers, your scientists, are discovering more and more about the Planets in your general vicinity and they speak of the possibilities of life on other Planets, but of course, they perceive life through the very limited aspect of Humanity, not even of the other Beings of Light upon your Planet. They are seeking to find images of themselves. It is time, Dear Hearts, to let go of that limited perception, and to simply open yourself to the magnificence of life in ALL its forms, that may be in the Cosmos.

This is not a criticism of Humanity, it is natural that you will perceive life as you see it upon your Earth, and when you look for life elsewhere you are looking for reflections of yourself, but do not constrict yourself and limit yourself, simply OPEN yourself.

LOVE what you see as you look out into the Cosmos, LOVE what you see when you look out across your Earth, LOVE IT UNCONDITIONALLY  AND IT WILL LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY.

The times ahead upon your Planet are times of great revelations. If you look at all these things through the Colour of LOVE you will find beauty and magnificence. If you perceive it through the fear of differences to yourselves, you will withdraw and restrict yourself once more to the isolation of your sole Planet – but that energy is the energy of the past, and it is rapidly fading from the Earth,

There is a new OPENNESS, a new ACCEPTANCE,  a new REALITY OF ONENESS, that is beaming forth from the Earth like a Lighthouse in the Cosmos, your Light is shining forth and drawing to it Light Frequencies that will assist you to grow and grow more in your Light, and in your Love. Your Spiritual friends are eager to work with you at this time to fulfill the dreams within YOU – not to manipulate Humanity, or any other Light Being upon the Earth, that is not their role – they are here with you now with open arms and open Hearts, and they embrace you and I embrace you with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and with a vibrational frequency of immense power, personal, individual and collective power – THE POWER OF LOVE. THE POWER OF ONENESS, EMBRACE IT, Dear Hearts,

Lift your eyes to the skies and embrace the Love that is pouring onto the Earth at this time, and BECOME THE  ONENESS OF ALL THAT IS.

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