Resistance to Love

My son’s music teacher posed a very interesting question. She said, “Do you know anything about Astrology or what’s going on right now? People seem to be having a hard time and acting really strange. I thought we (humanity) were moving into Love.”

I shared with her the following:

There is a large amount of high vibrational energy coming into our planet’s atmosphere. You might think of it as “coming from Heaven.” Some of these vibrations are being absorbed by Mother Earth. The planet is radiating some of it back out. We are being constantly bathed from above and below with high vibrations.

If we’re being bathed in such high loving vibrations, then why are so many people experiencing intense emotional, mental, and even physical pain? Why don’t we just feel blissed out and joyful?

The reason is profoundly simple.

We have resistance to the Love.

There are parts of us (the ego/personality) that are less than Love. We are carrying things in our body, our DNA, our cells, and our energy field that hold a frequency less than Love. Anything less than Love causes a resistance to Love – which causes pain.

The things I am talking about are fears, limiting beliefs, energetic cords attached to other people, even negative memories. The list is quite extensive. These things cause a resistance or blockage in our body or our life to the Love that is coming in.

There is actually some good news. Each place where we are experiencing pain – in our body or our life – is showing us that we have something still in place in our lives that is less than Love. It offers us an opportunity to look closely at ourselves and discover the disharmonies and things that are not serving us. And with the proper intuitive guidance and/or energetic tools we can permanently release them.

Then, not only can we receive more of the Love energy coming in. But, we can radiate more of it out as well. We become Love. We radiate Love. There is no better way to be of service and no greater gift we can bestow.


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P.S. After I finished this article I picked a quote card from A Course in Miracles. The card said: “Everything you teach you are learning. Teach only love, and learn that love is yours and you are love.”

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