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I’m sure you’ve heard those words before, “Be Careful What You Ask For.”

You might wonder why they are so important.

That’s because you actually get what you pay attention to.

And the more you heal and become more whole, calm your emotions and are at peace within, as well as raise your vibration, the faster things come to you when you ask.

And asking doesn’t have to be something you do formally. It’s the words that you speak, write down, or even think.

As I often teach in my classes on manifesting, you have a primary way to “speak” to the Divine. Your primary form of intuition is your clue.

If you can hear clairaudiently, then you need to speak what it is that you desire. So … you also have to be incredibly careful what you say. Meaning, complaining about anything only brings you more of “that” whatever that happens to be. And that holds true even if you aren’t clairaudient.

For those who see clairvoyantly, you want to visualize what you desire. For many, that’s why vision boards work so well.

Personally, even though I hear and see intuitively, my primary clair is being clairsentient and claircognizant. That means I feel and I know. We have to imagine and feel what its like to have whatever it is that we desire. The act of writing also comes with a feeling … so I ALWAYS write down my desires.

Vision boards work really well for me as well. But that’s because I choose images that when I see them, I have an emotional response of “yes, that’s exactly what I want” and I can feel exactly what it feels like to have whatever is on the board. Learn all about manifesting and vision boards in this course.

But we don’t just manifest the things we think we want. We manifest whatever we focus on.

As a wise man once said, “I can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.” Neither can you.

Many of the most successful people such as Joe Vitale, Colette Baron-Reid, and Russell Brunson have something in common. They all read the older New Thought writings on how to achieve your desires. Many of the best of those and even some that were never previously published are available in the Secrets of Success program I’ve told you about previously.

Keeping your mind focused on possibility rather than what’s not working, on desire vs lack of the desire, takes consistent work. Continuously feeding your mind teachings that help you train your brain to focus on desire is a very positive step. And, it is often required to help you take the needed actions despite your fear.

Happy Manifesting!

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