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When you want to achieve your goals, luck has absolutely NOTHING to do with it!

My friend Mary J. Getten posted on Facebook about a lovely walk she took recently at the beach.

One of her Facebook friends left a comment saying, “You are so lucky.”

The truth is, luck had nothing whatsoever to do with Mary living near a gorgeous beach. In fact, her living there was very much on purpose … as all great manifestations are.

In order to achieve your goals, you first need to know what the heck you want. Mark Boldizar and I explain in great depth exactly how to figure that out (and a whole lot more) in our bestselling book, Unleash Your Future.

I visited Mary several years ago during the coast to coast book tour for our collaborative book, Dolphins & Whales Forever. And she shared with me how she ended up living near the lovely beach she gets to visit any time she wants to.

She and her husband decided it was time to leave northwestern Washington state. So they saved up their money and rented an RV. They then meandered all over the U.S. to try to find the perfect spot to live. Of course they got very clear about what they were looking for in a home and a location … because they planned to retire there.

When Mary saw this beach, she knew she’d found the location she’d been looking for. And then they set about finding the perfect home nearby.

As I mentioned in the beginning, luck had absolutely nothing to do with it.

They got clear, they took action, and they kept at it until they achieved the dream.

You have to do the same if you want to achieve your goals.

Leaving it up to luck is a fast way to nowhere.

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