How to Grow & Evolve Along Spiritual Path

How to Grow and Evolve Along Your Spiritual Path

Raising your vibration and learning discernment is vital for navigating the spiritual path. And for growing and evolving into your greatest potential … fulfilling your mission and achieving your true life purpose.

It’s Like Climbing a Mountain

I often teach about the spiritual path using the metaphor of climbing a mountain. When a person first “wakes up” spiritually, they begin to seek out others who are interested in the same things they are. To me that’s like leaving the big city and moving to the foot of the mountains … a place I like to call Basecamp. There, the people talk about spiritual things, learn about crystals, Reiki and other forms of energy healing, dowsing, seeing auras, communicating with angels, and the plethora of other things spiritually-minded people get into.

For the majority of people, Basecamp is where they stay … forever. It’s a nice place. But, the people who stay there haven’t really evolved as individuals. They’ve simply changed what they focus on and talk about.

Hanging out with other spiritual people is fun. Especially in the beginning when everything is new, learning can be very exciting.

Climbing Ever Upwards On the Spiritual Path

The first part of the climb up to the heights of your greatest potential is often done in a group setting. Finding an extraordinary teacher and doing an intensive with them is often a great way to rise a bit with a lot of help from the teacher and the other students assisting you all the way.

Along My Journey

In the beginning of my spiritual climb, I did a 9 month Women’s WisdomTM course at Heart of the Goddess in Philadelphia. Nine (9) of us went through a weekend a month for 9 months of deep intensive work with two extraordinary teachers and others they brought in as needed.

We dove deeply into what it means to be woman, we addressed many of the stigma’s and beliefs we are fed because we are female. We also experienced many shamanic journeys to places of revelation, healing, and transformation. We explored crystals, color, and sound healing, worked with totem animals and much much more. Many of my latent gifts and abilities as well as past life memories were awakened during those weekends.

I was also drawn to the work of Stuart Wilde. It was the early 1990’s. I read all of his work up to that time, listened to all his audio tapes again and again, and attended his 8-day Warriors in the Mist training in the mountains of New Mexico. If I am remembering correctly, only about 300 people ever went through that training. Stuart’s teachings helped me dramatically release various limiting beliefs and fears and learn to raise my vibration in significant ways.

Things You Need On Your Spiritual Journey

Along with following a teacher or teachers, you often need to find a spiritual advisor and/or energy healer or two and get 1 on 1 support as needed. We call them Guides since they help you navigate the terrain, offer advice on how to best go around certain boulders, and prepare you for things you might encounter along the path.

If you can’t afford the personal support, then you need to set aside sacred time daily and/or weekly to “tune in” to the inner teacher within and follow the guidance you receive.

Unfortunately it takes a lot of work to be able to accurately receive and interpret the messages that are being sent from your Higher Self and team of etheric Guides and Helpers. If you haven’t healed enough of your inner emotional wounding, let go of enough of your limiting beliefs and fears, removed energies and entities (yikes) from your body, mind, and energy field, and other things that can cloud your ability to receive accurately, then what is being sent and what you think is being sent can be vastly different.

To truly grow and evolve takes actual work … like long difficult hikes climbing ever upward. It takes deep inner reflect, letting go of long held beliefs and fears, realizing the part you’ve played in your own unhappiness, releasing the people, places, and things you’ve held onto for far too long.

Going through a Dark Night of Soul (or several) is some of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Those are when the terrain is truly tough … like scaling a shear cliff. Every move matters and you aren’t actually sure if you are going to make it.

The higher you climb, the fewer people there are at that level. And the harder it can become to find additional teachers and Guides who can assist you further.

Until you reach a certain level, seeing through the nonsense isn’t really possible.

How to Discern Who Can and Can’t Help You!

And, sadly, there a whole lot of deceivers out there. Politicians, narcissists, and “news,” do their best to convince you that things are a certain way and that you need to buy into whatever they want you to believe. That same can be said of many things people or organizations want you to purchase. At least with much of this, if you dig around long enough, you can discover some truth.

Things can get really murky when it comes to spirituality and energy healing. Often, the person with the best marketing wins. It often has nothing whatsoever to do with the level of what they are offering. It has to do with how well they sell it. Or how much they were willing to pay a professional marketing person or team to create their sales materials.

I know a LOT of spiritual teachers and energy healers. Some are genuinely wise and loving souls. Others are fairly screwed up and I would never in a million years take a class from them, be in a meditation they led, or have an energy healing session with them.


Because energy doesn’t lie.

Energy Doesn’t Lie

I know a woman who is a fairly well known teacher in her location of a particular energy healing technique. She’s taught a huge number of people the technique. Underneath the smiling façade, this person is an energetic mess, often taking on the negative energy of her clients, and she doesn’t seem to know how to get rid of it.

I happened to be somewhere she was doing energy sessions and she asked me to help her clear it all out after a long day of doing sessions. I did of course, at no cost to her. But even though she takes energy healing classes, I haven’t seen her ever learn to clear energy herself.

And, not clearing out energy from one client means she is highly likely to be giving negative energy to the next one. More than one person has come to me asking for clearing after having a session with her.

I’m of the opinion that people who don’t understand energy have no business doing energy healing with others or in teaching it.

I know some extremely well known authors who use ghostwriters. They are quoted often in spiritual circles … and those aren’t even their words.

How to Discern Who Best to Work With or Learn From

Never ever make decisions about who someone is based on their words alone. View and evaluate their actions.

Are they nice to everyone?

What energy do they exude?

How do you feel in their presence?

I know far too many multi-millionaire authors and teachers who are tyrants to their staff. To the audience and their followers, they seem so nice and wonderful … as if they walk on water. Behind the scenes they are horrible to others.

You can feel that in their energy.

If you haven’t yet activated and fine-tuned your feeling-energy body enough to discern the vibration of this person, place, or thing vs that one, then learn to pendulum dowse. It’s an incredibly quick way to develop your intuition. And it can help you discern between teachers, classes, books, and other potential things that can help or hinder your spiritual journey up the mountain.

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