Negativity Destroyer of All Things Good

Negativity is the Destroyer of All Good Things

Focusing on the negative is the fastest way for you to experience depression, anger, poor health, destroy relationships, and a lot more.

I’m sure you’ve heard the book title by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. Well “thinking” isn’t just about you thinking success into being. It can also mean you are thinking struggle, strife, and disaster into being. For decades, I and others from the New Thought Movement, have been trying to get these ideas across.

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!” … because whatever you think is a self fulfilling prophecy.

That’s a hard pill for many to swallow.

That means instead of blaming people, situations, and institutions outside themselves for all their problems (as they are used to doing), they have to start taking responsibility and changing it themselves. It’s not easy, but it is oh so necessary!

The only way to be happy is for you to think better thoughts.

The only way to be healthy is for you to think better thoughts.

The only way to have life work the way you desire is for you to think better thoughts.

Of course thought alone isn’t enough to create a totally new reality. But it is a massive piece that makes a truly big difference. And because it is so vital, it’s where I suggest you focus right now in changing and transforming your life.

When I teach about manifesting, I often share about just how important it is to stay focused on the positive, the goal, the desire, the belief that the desire is possible and a better life is possible.

If you’ve read my article The Negative Thinking Spin, Don’t Go There, you’ve already learned a bit about this concept.

Thoughts aren’t the only culprit where negativity creeps in. In fact, negative thoughts have one level of “power.” Speaking those negative thoughts amplifies that power enormously! I talk about that in my article called The Power of Words.

Don’t underestimate the amount of actual manifesting power you have. You are creating your world all day and all night as you think, speak, and do various things. That’s why paying attention, noticing, becoming aware and deliberate about all 3 (thinking, speaking, and doing) is how people transform their lives.

It takes effort, discipline, and determination to be constantly vigilant about what you are speaking, thinking, and doing. A great way to recognize when you are creating in the “wrong” direction (toward the things you don’t want) is to constantly notice how you feel. Or stop periodically and ask yourself “how do you feel?” If you feel sad, lack energy, “down,” chances are good that what you have been thinking, saying, or doing are in the “wrong” direction. The trick is to notice and shift as quickly as possible.

In The Sacred Circle, the first thing I do every time we get together is ask the question, “How are you feeling?” Then participants share how they are doing physically, how they are doing mentally/emotionally, and how they are doing spiritually/energetically. I’m helping them learn to pay more attention to those things … so they can change them.

Again it takes discipline. And, again, it’s SO worth it!

You can do this too my friends!

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