Why Dogma and Freedom Don't Mix By Takara Shelor

Dogma and freedom never mix very well. Spiritual rules are never one size fits all.

We are all unique vibratory beings, as my dear friend Jonathan Goldman likes to say.

There is no one path or teacher who holds all the answers for every single person. There is no one single magic vibration or sound that fixes every ill. There is no crystal or mantra or sacred book that holds all the answers for everyone.

Do You Have to Be Vegan to be Spiritual?

Even the ancient healing system of Ayurveda puts people into categories and explains which people do well as vegans, who needs lots of meat, and who falls in the middle needing some meat, but not enormous quantities of it. Being Vata (my Ayurvedic dosha) I fall in the middle.

Indigenous cultures eat their traditional foods. I know some incredible Native American elders, wise men and women, healers, who all eat meat. They are connected to the earth, to the turning of the wheel and the seasons, they have great wisdom to share. They have a calmness and a presence that is palpable. They give thanks and make everything sacred.

Many of us who have tried being vegan ended up abandoning it because we became weak, ill, and just not “right” eating only fruits and vegetables. It’s a system that works fabulously for some. But not at all for others. You have to know who you are and what your body needs. I wrote an entire article about why I’m Pescetarian here.

I have many many friends who are vegan and I honor their choices. Many of them thrive physically eating that way. I also know several vegans who have serious sugar and chocolate cravings (craving anything is typically an indicator that something is missing in the diet) and some are very unhealthy (often sick with sinus infections and other illnesses). I know others who were suffering physically after eating vegan for years and their doctors insisted they add a little meat to their diet.

Ultimately, as I’ve stated before, we are all unique vibratory beings. And that means we have unique needs physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. What one person needs is not what another person needs.

Is it OK to Mix Energies?

An early teacher of mine noticed that I often wore multiple rings, necklaces, and bracelets, many with gems and crystals of different kinds. She suggested that I stick with one frequency and only wear one type of stone at a time. I knew intuitively that just didn’t feel right for me.

I discovered later one that part of what I’m here for is to combine energies synergistically. The oils, mists, lotions, and body butters I create mix and mingle all sorts of frequencies (flowers, gems, angelic frequencies, dolphin frequencies, sacred sounds & geometries, and on and on it goes) to create the best energy healing tools I possibly can to help people address whatever they are facing, transform the lower stuck energies (lead) into more uplifted flowing Divine frequencies (gold), help them release the past and step boldly into their future. A famous channel named, Daniel Jacob, called what I do alchemy. An alchemist could never stick with one frequency for anything.

My teacher is not to blame. She is one of the most incredible wise women and healers I’ve ever met … and trust me when I tell you I know tons of both. That was just not a piece of my personal spiritual path that she was given. Alchemy is my path to walk, not hers.

Years later, after moving to Santa Fe, I was hiking in the mountains and looked down. I noticed that the stones on the path were all mixed together of varying colors, types, and textures. I was reminded of the conversation with my teacher. And it made me smile. Energies mix and mingle in nature, so of course, that would resonate with me.

Should You or Should You Not Wear Black?

All over social media, I’ve been seeing people talking about the hazards of wearing black. Even a couple of well-known guru’s were talking about it. That’s probably why so many others were jumping on the bandwagon and talking about it too.

These are my thoughts on the subject … what my Divine inner guidance indicates and what I’ve observed and learned in my almost 3 decades of deep spiritual / metaphysical work. Many empaths absorb energy already, so wearing black is not really adding a lot more to that issue.

Women are FAR MORE receptive than men when it comes to energy. I’ve been teaching that information and what follows about it for decades. Women are not only receptive with their sexual organs, they are receptive in their energy field. They absorb, draw to themselves, energies of all kinds. Men are projective in both anatomy and energy. They are senders of energy for the most part. That’s why when energetically powerful men get angry, it physically hurts if you’re an empath and anywhere nearby. There are some highly sensitive men who are empathic. It’s much more an exception than a norm.

There are so many ways to clear the energy field. And there are lots of great tools to keep the field free and clear of disharmonious energies including spinning your Merkabah. So wearing black doesn’t really have to be an issue. I’ve been repping BioElectric Shields since 1996 because they do wonders for energetic protection. Another company whose products I love is Twisted Sage. I wear products from both companies every single day (and night). I love to have tools do energetic protection for me so that I can put my energy and attention on other things.

I wear black because it reminds me of the Goddess, the stillness, the void, the creative space from which all things sprang.

If someone doesn’t have proper shielding and doesn’t know how to clear their field, then absolutely, black can be a bad idea.

For the rest of us, we wear what we are guided to wear in the moment, what resonates with us, what feels “right.” I wear black a lot paired with very colorful jackets and/or skirts. You can also look to fashion and those of us who are “winter” in coloring (skin color, hair color, eye color, etc.), look fabulous in black. It enhances who we are, rather than detracts.

And, when you are clear and intuitive, black can be an enhancement. Just like Native Americans don’t cut their hair because it acts as an antenna for subtle energies, black can help you better “pick up” intuitively what is happening in a space, with a person, etc. It then becomes an ally rather than a hindrance.

Is It OK to Enjoy Luxury, Fashion, Jewelry?

So many traditions believe you need to not wear makeup, that anything but the plainest most boring clothing is somehow non-spiritual. If that works for you, great. But some of us love beautiful uplifting things and that often includes clothing, jewelry, art, etc.

One can be highly spiritual and enjoy adorning themselves. I don’t do any of the fake stuff, like false nails, pretend tan, false eyelashes. Yet I love to throw on high heels every now and then and dance … a great way to exercise different muscles. I’ve always had a thing for shoes … various styles of boots in particular. I also make and enjoy lots of gem and crystal jewelry and have collected several breathtakingly beautiful one of kind pieces over the years by jewelry designers. The vibrations are incredibly empowering. They also remind us of our connection to the Goddess.

My lips get very dry without something and I greatly prefer lipstick to chapstick. All natural of course.

I strongly believe in fully embracing all of who we are and “owning,” embracing, relishing, and enjoying the things that bring us joy.

For me, that means crystals, gems, jewelry, an assortment of gorgeous flowing jackets, boots, and beautiful art – particularly if I know the artist. We are here in the physical. I believe in celebrating it, enjoying it, savoring it.

Not to excess, of course.

But knowing who you are, what you love, what brings you joy and makes you feel like the feminine Goddess within (for us ladies). I embrace wholeheartedly my multidimensionality and my experiences living in the physical.

My metaphysical mentor, Stuart Wilde, used to say that we are here on the earth plane to experience the earth plane. I believe in embracing that wholeheartedly as well as our connections and experiences in other lifetimes, realities, and dimensions. We are busy multi-faceted creatures. We don’t have to shun any part of who we are.

If things get out of balance, that is another matter entirely. But there is nothing whatsoever wrong with enjoying your time here on earth. If owning “things” and vanity keep you from being authentic, somehow skew your Divine connection, then address it and find balance. But don’t deprive yourself just because you think you should. Shoulds are never a good idea. What does your intuition tell you? Dowse about it and ask the benefit or detriment of buying this or that, wearing a certain thing (when you are centered, balanced, and not attached to the answer, of course).

Teachers, readers, channels, well-meaning friends are not walking in your shoes. They do not know all of who you are here to become. They are given bits and pieces, some of which you definitely need to hear from outside yourself along your journey of unfolding. But no one has the whole story of your personal evolution other than you. That is between you (your personality), your soul (the part of you that is eternal), your Higher Self (the wiser more expanded Divine aspect of self), and Creator (substitute whatever name you choose to call God or The Divine). The higher you go vibrationally, the more clear, connected, etc., all of that merges into oneness anyway.

Restriction Isn’t Just About Spiritual Life

One of my friends on Facebook asked a question about why we got into business or became an entrepreneur.

The answer I gave was this: “I abhorred corporate life … the restriction, the constant stress, having to say the “right” things to employees even if you disagreed with it (I was a manager), do the “right” things, be there at a certain time, dress a certain way, the expectation that you work crazy long hours. My happiness, health, peace of mind, and autonomy were worth far more to me than the huge paycheck. I ditched it all to start a non-profit for dolphins and whales.

Once I got over the restriction of the corporate grind, then it became about helping others find inner peace, find their passion, their joy, their true calling in life. Helping them do, basically, what I did … follow their bliss.

Dogma, Restriction and the Need for Freedom

Every spiritual tradition begins with a great teacher sharing a great message. And then a religion gets created. Rules are made up by followers of the teacher. Those followers don’t have the vibration or wisdom that the teacher has (or had when they were alive). They are just limited people viewing things with their limited perspectives and limited understanding. Their fear and limitations alter, skew, taint, and water down the beautiful message of the teacher. What results is dogma, a bunch of shoulds and should nots … the end result is restriction.

The Beloved I Am Presence, the Higher Self, the spark of Divinity that you are doesn’t want restriction or dogma. It wants growth, freedom, expansion, evolution of your wisdom, understanding, and vibration. You have to drop, move beyond, heal, let go of the old to allow for the new. It’s not always easy. And it often means not following the same rule book that you were taught as a child or that those around you follow.

The Noble C StateTM:

As you grow and evolve, you go from whatever state of clarity, fear, etc. that you are currently at to your highest potential, what I call your Nobility – achieving The Noble C StateTM. Every true enlightened being became someone who was calm, clear, confident, Divine connected, courageous, committed, creative, cooperative/collaborative, and conscientious/courteous.

  • Calm – being centered, balanced, and at peace within regardless of outside circumstance
  • Clear – physically, mentally/emotionally, spiritually/energetically – this takes continuous work on all levels
  • Confident – knowing who you are, knowing what you want, feeling good about self, setting boundaries, etc.
  • (Divinely) Connected – enhanced intuition, sending and receiving (communicating) continuously with Divine/Higher wisdom
  • Courageous – taking whatever actions are necessary whenever necessary and saying no whenever necessary
  • Committed – to self, to their mission (often a mission great than themselves), to their personal and spiritual evolution
  • Creative – floodgates of creativity open when the Noble C StateTM is achieved and maintained
  • Cooperative/Collaborative – rather than competitive, no more us vs them because ultimately we are all One
  • Conscientious/Courteous – being ever aware and mindful of how your words and actions impact others, being kind

Being around these people is both uplifting and calming simultaneously. Their vibration changes the vibration of the people and environment around them.

People who have achieved this state of being don’t follow a rule book. They follow inner guidance. And that inner guidance changes over time and based on circumstance.

It is the new game of personal evolution and it evolves as you evolve. What is “right” in one moment or circumstance is not “right” in another. That’s why I teach dowsing and the Platinum PrincipleTM. It helps people determine what is right for them in the moment.

I know these words will not resonate with everyone. That is fine.

They are meant as food for thought.

Because as you grow and evolve, again and again you are given opportunities to remember who you are and what you are here for. That often involves looking closely at the things you believe. And in many cases, you have to let go of many of those old beliefs, and “shoulds” along the way.

If you ever need assistance in releasing something (from this or other lifetimes) or upgrading to a higher vibrational level, I’m always here to help. You can book a private session or utilize the frequencies in the Dancing Dolphin tools I create.

Many Blessings Dear Ones!

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** Internet Marketers tell you to never talk about more than one product or program in an article. But here I’m talking about multiple topics and I want you to know about different things and options. So, this is me, once again, breaking the dogmatic rules. If I was in business purely to earn money, my website and the things I offer would be done very very differently. I am, instead, here to help you every way possible to transform your life, find your joy, live your passion, find your purpose, become your highest potential. Earning money along the way is great, and necessary, of course. But it is not the only purpose for this article or any of my other writings.

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