Benefits of Healing Trauma

In this article, you’ll learn about healing trauma and about the unhealthy behaviors people adopt because of traumas they have experienced.

What Happens After Trauma?

I saw a very intriguing post on social media recently that read something like this: Unhealed emotional childhood trauma shows up in adults as these Emotional Wound Patterns (my term):

  • needing to “fix” others
  • exhibiting co-dependency
  • requiring external validation
  • living on high alert
  • fearing abandonment
  • needing to please others
  • de-prioritizing their own needs
  • having to prove themselves
  • tolerating abusive behavior
  • attracting narcissistic partners
  • failing to set boundaries*

Healing Trauma is Necessary Even If It Wasn’t in Childhood

I’ve seen those same traits in most people who have experienced trauma of various kinds, whether from childhood or even much later in life. It definitely existed in my own personal history before I did tons of work to heal the various traumas from childhood and beyond that I’d experienced. Most of my female clients exhibit at least some of those patterns when they first come to me for help.

Many women exhibit them, even if they haven’t experienced severe trauma. They were often taught these behaviors growing up … like putting others first, serving and pleasing others. The other thing women often do is say “I’m sorry” all the bloody time. NEVER EVER say that. EVER! Read this article to discover why you should never say I’m Sorry.

My Mission Is to Help Empower Women

I’ve been on a mission to help women become more empowered for decades. You can read about how I began standing up for other women here.

Anytime someone is on a mission, there is usually an underlying reason. It can be because someone they know experienced something terrible that they want to help prevent … so others don’t have to experience it. Doctors often go into medicine because a loved one died from a particular disease and they don’t want others to suffer the way their loved one did.

For some it’s that they themselves experienced something dreadful and they want to help others prevent or get over it.

My reason is because “I’ve been there.” I’ve experienced abuse, rape, severe bullying, an unfaithful husband, betrayal, auto accidents, and a host of other physical and emotional traumas. I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of narcissists. I know what it’s like to not know how to set boundaries, ask for what you need, always need external validation and approval, be on high alert, have to prove yourself, and to put others first. My primary message is this, “If I can move beyond most it, so can you!”

Trauma Leads to Unhappiness

Living life with those Emotional Wound Patterns constantly in play lead to:

  • unhappiness
  • exhaustion
  • severe stress or anxiety
  • depression
  • health issues

The more of the behaviors you have, the more unhappiness, exhaustion, etc. you can experience. Eventually, one day some day, the walls all come crashing down. The nervous system can only handle so much stress. The soul wants you to get over the past, learn from it, stand up, dust yourself off, and get on with what you are really here for. Healing trauma from the past is part of that process.

But you can’t really do your best work, make the best decisions, achieve your highest potential or mission until these things are addressed.

What It’s Like to Be Emptionally Whole

Being emotionally whole feels very much like falling in love. Literally you can get up in the morning, look around and see beauty, possibility, and feel joy. I call it quiet elation. It’s not a bliss bunny bouncing off the walls type of feeling. It’s more subtle, serene, and graceful.

Every product I offer, workshop I teach, and private session I facilitate addresses the underlying or root cause of the emotional pain so many suffer.

Watching Students Blossom and Become More Empowered

For two years, I taught an in person weekly class in advanced energy healing techniques. Each week I brought in the energies I was guided to draw down. I taught tools, techniques, and offered insights that I felt guided to share. And I told many, many stories while the energies were transforming those present at the metaphysical levels.

Watching my students blossom has been incredibly rewarding. One took over as owner of the center where I the class was taught. Another left corporate life and started his own business. Someone else recently set up a non-profit and will soon offer hospice care for dogs. Another had their energy healing practice “take off” and they are now co-leading some workshops with me. Two have become extraordinary earth healers and are working with me in that arena. Several are now in happy relationships. I and my energy healing team can’t take all the credit, of course. But the energies I bring in and teachings I offer definitely played a part in their new life adventures.

It Takes Work

Yes, it takes work.

No, it’s not always easy.

Yet with the Divine multi-dimensional energy healing frequencies in Dancing Dolphin oils and those that I “bring in” during workshops and private sessions … healing trauma can become easier and, for many, more graceful than with many other methods.

Is it once and done? No.

As I’m sure you have heard it said somewhere before, it’s like peeling the layers of an onion. As you address, heal and release deeper and deeper issues, you feel more and more free, light, joyful, and whole. And, truly, the work is never done. But it does get easier. And, life becomes much more of an awe-inspiring adventure than it ever was before.

Do what feels right for you to get started.

Just want to dip your toe in the pool and feel the energy – buy a Dancing Dolphin oil.

Want to get in, swim with others in the energy, and feel the transformation that begins – join The Sacred Circle.

Ready for a serious deep dive into releasing and moving beyond the Emotional Wound Patterns – book a private session.

* No author was listed. I made some changes.

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