What Do Triple Numbers Mean?
I post triple numbers quite often on Facebook … when I see numbers like 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, etc.
People often ask, “What do Triple Numbers Mean?” or “What do those numbers mean?”
Soon, invariably, someone will copy and paste a meaning that someone has assigned to those particular numbers.
My view on what is written about triple numbers (angel numbers), crystals, flower essences, my essences, or any other message or energy from the unseen realms is that only about 20% of the totality of what it offers for you specifically is present in the writing or description about that thing.

What Do Specific Crystals Mean?

All amethyst crystals have the specific qualities of being deeply calming and assisting greatly in spiritual awakening (from wherever you are to a higher level).
Each specific amethyst crystal that you are drawn to, however, offers something very special and specific to you. There is a reason you are drawn to that particular amethyst crystal vs another amethyst. When you tune in, meditate with, etc. that crystal, it will be offering you insight and energy that is quite unique and very specifically an energy you will benefit from right now.

What Do Triple Numbers Mean?

The same is true of angel numbers. Double numbers like 11:11, 12:12, and triple numbers 111, 222, etc. are all considered angel numbers. Just like finding a feather is an indicating that angels are near, angel numbers remind us that angels are with us all the time. Various channels have assigned meanings to each number. The first person who I heard talk about it was Drunvalo Melkizedek. And that was a couple of decades ago.
But, just like each unique amethyst crystal has a specific purpose as it relates to you, the same is true of the angelic communication that angels numbers can bring. Taking the time to stop and “tune in” whenever you see one of these numbers gives you the opportunity to receive a message and develop a deeper connection with the angels that are with you always.
The same is true of what it means when you see an animal cross your path. You can look up the meaning of that animal from a shamanic perspective. There are many websites and books that can assist. Yet, that particular animal is a being you can connect with directly. The second I see a wild animal out my window, on a hike, while driving, etc. I stop everything and give thanks for the opportunity to see it and to share that connection. Then I tune in to what seeing it is conveying to me and what it means in my life at the moment. I sat for almost an hour on a huge boulder looking down into a big ravine below and softly talked (out loud) to a wild mountain goat standing on another bolder below me. I’ve done the same with fox, deer, etc. When you are calm and serene and speak in a soft, melodic, harmonious voice, they can feel that you are sending love and there is no need to run. And if you “tune in,” you will often get messages from them as well.
The same is true of Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergy Sacred Healing Oils. Even though the short description I’ve included talks about the energies in the bottle in a general sense, what a specific essence can do for you is very unique. That’s why the best way, always, to pick out an essence is to do it intuitively. Sometimes a name with catch your attention or you’ll feel drawn to the image on the front of a bottle. You can also use dowsing or applied kinesiology (muscle testing). All are fabulous ways to let intuition guide you in your selection.
I am always awestruck by the fascinating combinations of energies I am guided to put together for various custom blends. Lately, many of the custom blend I’ve created have involved me calling in Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) to infuse his healing energy into the bottle. He is one of the Ascended Masters I work with. There is also a fair amount of Archangelic energy coming in with various custom blends lately as well.
The more you meditate, spend time in nature, go into the silence, develop your ability to notice even the slightest shift in your environment or the energy around you, the easier it is to notice angel numbers, animals crossing your path (I can spot a fox, deer, or other animal from very far away and a whole group of people with me never see it until I point it out), that a particular crystal is calling out (sending an energy signal to you) for you to connect.
Take time to notice … you will always be blessed by the experience.
Many blessings dear ones,
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