Personal Power by Dancing Dolphin

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Assists in answering the question: "How do I step into my power and become more powerful in my life?" Assists you in seeing anywhere you have issues around power - why you are fearful of your own power, fearful of having power, fearful of the power of others, recognizing the misuse of power. Aids in understanding energy in general and what true power is versus power over or power and control. Assists with personal power, inner strength, assertiveness, confidence, standing firm in Truth, boundaries, conscious use of energy. Discerning and understanding when you are giving power away, areas in which you don't think you have power, and where you lack power. Responsibility and discernment about power and proper use of power. (Great Lakes Essence)

As you continue to evolve - Helps you claim your power. You are in your power center. Love of self, being empowered, etc., you no longer let outside forces take you out of your centered and balanced place. You no longer have to be a victim of outside forces - including sensitivity to subtle or negative energy. When you are completely in Love, nothing outside of you can negatively affect you. You become more sensitive and attuned to your own personal power and what true power is about.

As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You have merged with Universal power and it deepens and expands your sense of power.

Made with Trumpet Lily.

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