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Dolphin Healing Formulas

Some issues are just too negative to include as part of the name of the product. So to address those issues, I created Dolphin Formulas with each formula relating to an issue of some intensity. They each include flower and gem essences, sacred sound, dolphin healing energies, aromatherapy, and more. The number beside the issue indicates the Dolphin Formula number.

  1. betrayal
  2. abandonment
  3. feeling unlovable or unworthy
  4. fear of death and mortality
  5. rejection
  6. broken heart
  7. feeling judged or being judgmental
  8. shame
  9. guilt
  10. sexual abuse
  11. victimhood
  12. blind faith or not listening to your heart just what you have been told to be true
  13. low self-esteem or self-confidence
  14. blame
  15. severe trauma
  16. leaving a bad relationship (courage to do so)
  17. relocation
  18. post-traumatic stress
  19. addiction
  20. birth trauma (your own birth or when you gave birth to a child)
  21. miscarriage
  22. abortion and its emotional aftermath
  23. stillbirth
  24. grief
  25. loss
  26. death of a loved one
  27. invaders (attachments and negative energetics)
  28. fear
  29. co-dependency

Feel free to contact me (Takara) if you have other intense issues that have not been addressed with the above list. I am happy to create a custom blend or develop a formula for an issue that would benefit others as well.