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The products and programs offered by Magnificent U have been lovingly created specifically for you as you navigate the turbulent waters of earthly life while simultaneously evolving as a spiritual being. These powerful energy healing products, programs, and private consulting sessions help you feel embraced by the Divine, see more clearly, rise vibrationally above the chaos and confusion, “know” what higher wisdom is communicating, and achieve your personal and spiritual objectives, your highest potential, with greater grace and ease. They are here to help you discover and become the beautiful, powerful, magnificent being you are inside. They are designed to assist you in becoming healthy, happy, and whole, body, mind, and soul. Tools, products, and programs for energy healing, personal empowerment, spiritual growth, enlightenment, insight, releasing the past and other limitations so you can attain personal magnificence with bestselling author, D. Takara Shelor.

Reconnect with Nature
and Your
True Essence Self!

Transformational Energy Healing Products and Programs

Dancing Dolphin Healing Oils & Mists by Dancing Dolphin

Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergy Oils & Mists

Powerful energy healing aromatherapy elixirs infused with dolphin healing energy to help you gracefully dancing through life, rise in consciousness and awareness, blast through blocks and past issues, heal emotionally, and so much more! They have been thrilling people the world over since 1998.

Private energy healing sessions and breakthrough consulting with Takara

Private Energy Healing and Breakthrough Consulting Sessions with Takara

Takara is known as the “Chalice of Divine Frequencies” and she brings through energy and information from an extremely high place. Each sessions is unique and geared specifically to whatever the client is facing in the moment. No two sessions are the same. Takara is guided by your Higher Self and Guides about exactly what type of healing processes need to be done, what visualization/meditations to guide you through including past life regression, what clearing needs to be done, what upgrades, enhancements, activations, and initiations you need right now.

Creative Invocation of the I Am Presence Finally Free

Live and Virtual Classes

Takara is an award-winning speaker and a teacher of teachers. She offers classes and workshops on numerous topics for personal empowerment and transformation, human potential, conscious manifestation, energy healing, meditation, and more.

BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver with 14K Gold Tab Polished Finish

BioElectric Shields

Powerful EMF protection and negative energy protection devices medically proven to be effective. They protect the wearer from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and other people’s negative energy. Takara has been wearing a BioElectric Shield since 1995.

Semi-Precious Stone Crystal Healing Necklaces by Dancing Dolphin

Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry

The Goddesses in every woman loves to be surrounded and adorned with beautiful, uplifting things like jewelry. Anyone who loves crystals and gemstones wants to feel them next to the skin to experience the benefit of their healing properties. We make semiprecious stone necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and sets for you to enJOY! Each uniquely designed, one of a kind piece of jewelry, is handmade.

Pendulums Dowsing

Dowsing Pendulums

Dancing Dolphin Design pendulums for dowsing are made from precious and semi-precious stones hand selected by Takara for their healing and specific energetic properties. Takara teaches dowsing and says that it is one of the fastest ways possible to enhance and fine-tune intuition.

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