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Custom Flower Essence, Gem Essence, Dolphin Healing & Aromatherapy Blends by Takara

Group Leaders – Scroll down for information about Custom Blends for Groups

Custom Blends for Individuals

Using a Custom Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Blend is like receiving a hands on energy session, multiple times a day for weeks on end.

. . . imagine the breakthroughs, insights, and vibrational shifts you can experience!

“Thank you soooo much for the personal essence (custom blend). This is a very challenging time in my life and I seem to be sailing through it. My friends and family are amazed that I am as calm, seren and knowing that everything is not only OK, but in fact exactly where I need to be right now. I believe the essence has helped me turn troubled waters into calming waves. Thanks again!” – Rebecca, Arizona

This Blend is Made Especially For You

Takara lovingly makes each custom blend by hand just for you.

To create your custom blend, she goes into a prayerful / meditative state and receives guidance about exactly which energies to synergistically blend together for your greatest benefit at this time.

“Off and on for several days I had been jittery, unsettled, unfocused, indecisive, and feeling what some might call ‘spacey.’ My personal Dancing Dolphin Essence blend immediately brought a focused mind and feeling of being grounded and calm. Hallelujah. You know, that wonderful feeling of your shoulders dropping and settling into their right alignment. And the bonus was a warm open energy at the heart.” – KiP Walker, Ceramonialist

Each custom blend contains 3 to 10 specific vibrational components. Takara works with over 100 individualized frequencies that she has personally created including flower essences, gem essences, numerology essences, realm essences, sound essences, and more. After this energetic infusion, she adds the appropriate essential oils. She then alchemically enhances the blend by channeling into the bottle any other specific frequencies needed.

The essence then goes through the proprietary vibrational enhancement process used for all Dancing Dolphin products.

The result is an extremely potent energetic aromatherapy elixir designed specifically for you and the issues you are facing right now.


(Leiyra participated in the Custom Blend Club in which she received a new custom blend every 2 months for a year. Contact Takara if you would like to join the club.) “Thank you so very much for the year old support you gave to me via the roll-ons. Thank you for lightening my load, and helping me on my way towards the Light. Thank you for your kind generosity in giving the little extra blessings, the tiny vials of liquid light and the Oneness bottle. Thank you for your wonderful insight, and encouragement. Much love,” – Leiyra, New Zealand

A custom blend is a great choice for loved ones and even pets.

“My name is Daniel Jacob, and I am a Visionary Writer, Spiritual Networker, and Events Coordinator based in Seattle, Washington. I’ve known Takara for over 10 years, during which time she has provided our Gatherings with Essence Packages, Custom-Blended Oils and enthusiastic support! I highly recommend her creativity, her work and her products.” – Daniel Jacob (Posted by Daniel on Stik.com)

Whenever Takara gets a huge influx of orders coming in for custom blends and long distance energy sessions, she knows that big changes are happening out there. We’ve been getting both in record numbers. It is so gratifying knowing that these products and services provide such positive support when people are facing change, challenge, and transformation.

“I felt my crown chakra open up in a similar way to when I put the custom blend on my crown chakra, and I felt all of this light flow through me … Thank you again for your generosity in making the suggestion (a particular way to connect to dolphins consciousness) … I want to let you know that I am having a phenomenal experience as I continue to use the custom essence that you made for me along with the dancingd spiral techniques! – Kathy Reed

Custom Blends for Groups, Private Labeling, Etc.

Workshops and seminars are great!

Unfortunately, most of them aren’t nearly as effective as they could be. Participants come and they feel euphoric after hearing a fabulous speaker and being with others of like mind for a day or even a week. Three months after the seminar or workshop many participants will be right back where they started. They failed to gain lasting improvements in their health, happiness, wealth, or even wisdom.

What if you could extend the lesson?

What if there was a way to anchor and integrate the teaching at the cellular level? How much better would their life be if the energetics that you work with could be made available to them on a daily basis? With Takara’s help, it is not only possible, it is also quite affordable.

Takara has the extraordinary ability to tune into the energetics of your workshop and then infuse those energies into a Dancing Dolphin Essence Custom Blend that she enhances with quality essential oils and Dancing Dolphin Flower and/or Gem Essences.

“Takara’s new custom blend, called “Being the Light,” was a wonderful binding force for our recent event around that topic. It mixed old world magic with new world wonder and imagination. She is a genuine alchemist, healer, and guide for those who are now infusing themselves with the power of INTENTION — focused and expressed in these vibrant, easy-to-use mixtures. We are excited to have her skills along for our journeys!” ~ Daniel Jacob, http://www.reconnections.net, http://thestarchildren.com

Custom Workshop Blends: there is a 10 bottle initial minimum purchase. Subsequent orders have a 5-bottle minimum.

Labels: There is a 1-time $30 set up fee for the label for each custom roll-on we create for you. All we need is a graphic (that you own the copyright to) that can be cropped into a circle for the front of the label and the name you would like to call it. In addition to the name and logo on the front of your choosing, the label will say, “Designed exclusively for ____ by Dancing Dolphin Essences.” The remainder of the label is the same as our regular roll-ons. You will get to proof the label before we ship you the products.

Private Labeling: Because of our proprietary process and the uniqueness of our roll-on aromatherapy products, we do not “private label” our products to be packaged as if they are yours, designed and created by you or your company.

Contact Takara at 540-639-1633 or email [email protected] for details and to get her started in creating a custom blend specifically for you and your workshop/group.

We’ve found that individuals who experience the essences first hand are the ones most likely to purchase. So having them to sample at workshops, concerts, etc. makes for better sales. We often start our seminars or ceremonies by passing around an essence for everyone to rub on the back of their neck or wrist. It shifts the energy individually and collectively and gets them quickly in the correct receptive place to get the most out of the experience.

Custom Essences for Specific Frequencies

In addition to creating custom blends for individuals and groups, Takara also has the ability to create custom blends for specific frequencies – music, locations such as sacred sites, aspects of nature, etc. She designed the Essences of Sound Healing for Jonathan Goldman and has extended that work to include Camelot Reawakened with Richard Shulman. She is currently working with several other musical artists to infuse their music into roll-on essences to enhance the experience of their listeners.

Collaborations: We occasionally take on a partner to do a collaboration such as the Essences of Sound with Jonathan Goldman. If you have an energy healing modality or technology that Takara can infuse into an essence product, then she may be interested in a collaboration.

“Takara’s Essences of Sound are outstanding. We’ve used them in large groups of people and they really seem to assist in the frequency shifting experience, adding even more vitality and loving energy to the consciously encoded sounds we either listen to or create.”– Jonathan Goldman, an Internationally renowned pioneer in Sound Healing

Takara works closely with the musician or area expert in creating the specific frequency essences. Typically she makes them available to her readers and customers paying a percentage royalty to the musician or expert for each bottle sold. The musician or expert can purchase the essences at wholesale minus their royalty fee. Typically both parties offer the product for sale directly or through their websites. The amount of the commission/royalty depends on the product being created. Again, contact Takara directly with questions and to work out details.

Phone 540-639-1633 or email [email protected]

Keep in mind that all Dancing Dolphin Essences and Roll-Ons are made to order by hand. This ensures the exquisite high frequencies of our products. It also means there is a lead time involved to fulfill orders.